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Butt Workout : Lift Your Butt Exercises

As some of you who follow my Facebook Page may know, I let my busy schedule take over the last few months so two weeks ago I hired a personal trainer.  You may be surprised to hear that considering health and fitness is my thing-but EVERYONE needs some accountability and an extra challenge sometimes.

I always find that I do not push myself as hard when I workout alone as when I’m working out with a trainer, or even just a buddy. Maybe you can relate? I’d love to know in the comments if you prefer to workout on your own or with someone else and why!

For a while I tried to get my act together on my own and beat myself up a little thinking I should be able to do this…then I remembered one of my own favorite quotes,

“Stop shoulding all over yourself and take action!”–Click to Tweet it.

I also remembered how important it is to ask for help.  

We can’t do everything ourselves no matter how much we think we can.  So! Today I want to give you that little boost that you may need with another workout video.  This one focuses on one of my FAVORITE areas of the body…THE BOOTY!!

In this butt workout we’re focusing on exercises that lift your butt.  All you need for this workout is a step of some kind.  Weights are totally optional, if you’re more advanced and pretty strong, you may want to load a few of these movements.


Be sure to give it a thumbs up on YouTube or let me know in the comments below how you like this workout when you try it out.

I’ve been loving your feedback via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram letting me know you’re cuing me up every week and sweating with me from all over the world. Keep it coming!


Butt Workout : Lift Your Butt Exercises