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Chicken or Steak Pizzaiola

This recipe is inspired by Buddy Valastro’s show Kitchen Boss on TLC.  I highly recommend you all check out an episode, the entertainment value alone is totally worth it.  I love people who just act like themselves, regardless of the situation.

This guy is yelling the whole show, “Just like my faaaatthha used to make” and/or “my muutha”, “my grandmaaww”…you get the point.  The best part though, is the end when he tastes the food.  Buddy doesn’t take any delicate little bites like professional chefs do on their cooking shows, he stuffs a huge-a*s bite in his mouth, and proceeds to tell you with his mouth full how great it tastes.  I LOVE THIS.

Click here for the recipe

Sunday Prep!

A couple things I did to “healthy it up” a bit:

1. I didn’t rub the meat in salt, just olive oil and garlic

2.  Rib-eye is a really fatty steak, feel free to choose a leaner cut or use chicken instead.

3. I skipped the white wine.

So, my version might not be just like Buddy’s father from Sicily’s…but it was still really good and fed me for 4-5x, so it’s a great meal to prep on a Sunday to save you some time during the week (if you’re cooking for one, otherwise, it’s a great meal to feed the fam!)

Questions, comments and suggestions always welcome below!

Chicken or Steak Pizzaiola