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On Creating Your Own Way

This is a blog post about not having to do things the way everyone else does them or even the way “the most successful” people do them. If you fancy yourself any kind of entrepreneur or creative (even if you’re just a dabbler for now) this is for you, wild friend.

As I was writing this post, I grabbed my new favorite deck, Sacred Rebels Oracle, for guidance. I pulled the Listening for Truth card, obviously perfect (pictured below).

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 11.54.06 AM

Here’s what stuck out to me about the message:

“You are a truth seeker. Never deny or try to quieten this down to make others comfortable. You are meant to be an agitator at times – even though you don’t have to confront people to do it. You don’t necessarily have to say a word, though sometimes you will. Often you will agitate in the most loving sense by unveiling truth simply through your knowings. Hold compassion for the truths you behold. Do not use them as knives to cut another or yourself with harshness, but as the clear insight that allows one to loosen the knots that bind, simply by knowing which thread to gently tug.”

If you are reading this, that message is just as much for you as it is for me or you wouldn’t have landed here. Trust it!

I’ve never been a very good rule follower, but I do believe in the value of rules. Particularly in the saying, “You have to learn the rules so you can break them.”

A huge pet peeve of mine (which I was guilty of when I was first starting my online business) is when everyone’s “stuff” all starts looking the same. Websites, branding, images, etc. I get it. When you don’t know what you don’t know, it’s easy to take a look at what successful people are doing and use their stuff as a “template” of sorts because if it works for them it should work for you right?

Not necessarily.

There are many many reasons why certain things work for certain people that you will never know or be able to account for, so if their way doesn’t work for you – you really can’t judge yourself for it. A much better response is allowing yourself to feel into what is most aligned for you.

I love the word alignment.

I roll with a lot folks who use words like that a lot. Sometimes it’s usage is clear, sometimes it’s fuzzy so let me be really clear what I mean when I say it – to me alignment means in accordance with one’s true self, nature, and soul.

The reason I dig alignment so much is because I spent many years out of alignment and EVERYTHING was more difficult during that time.

Making money, building community, getting clients, writing blog posts, making videos. I had to work way harder to account for the fact that I wasn’t connected to myself and I was creating from a place that felt like paddling up stream. There was very little flow.

When you’re creating in alignment, there’s way more flow. Of course, it’s not effortless, creating still requires effort, but it feels effortless a lot of the time.

You get to enjoy what you do more when you’re doing it in alignment.

Yesterday for example, I shot 22 videos for my new program Freedom in 44 (which starts Monday 1/11, details here. It’s amazing and currently the most accessible/affordable thing I offer).

And I did it all by myself.

Now, you may be wondering how or why the hell I would do that…

This brings me to creating your own way.

For years I spent time and money trying to do things the way I was taught by mentors like Marie Forleo and James Wedmore. To be clear, I mega respect what they do and how they do it, it totally works for them. For me? It just didn’t in the long term. It wasn’t until I started doing things my own way, that I finally “found success.” (I put that in quotes because let’s not pretend I just stumbled upon it, I definitely worked for it, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and professionally.)

So I stopped scripting my videos. I stopped hiring people to shoot and edit my videos, and I started doing it myself. Just me, a camera, a good set of wireless lavalier mics, and a strong sense of the hearts and soul urgings of the women I was intending to serve on the other side of the camera.

When I thought about where I really thrive, where my zone of genius is, where I feel the most ease and the most lit up, it’s always been teaching in front of groups of people. You’ve heard the concept of putting in 10,000 hours to master something. Teaching is where I have my 10,000 hours. For years it was sales trainings, then it was fitness classes, and now it’s the arts of untaming yourself and freeing your wild soul which include a myriad of elements like body connection, transparent communication, sensual movement, healing mantra practices, rituals, discernment, setting boundaries and more.

At first I thought I had to get out from behind the computer and back out in front of real life audiences much more because I really missed the intimacy. Then I realized if I eliminated the interference of a videographer, (physically and energetically), the connection between me and my audience could be much clearer. The transmission of my messages could be more pure. I could teach as if I was sitting right in front of you in any kind of sacred space, be it your own living room, a temple or a yoga studio.

So that’s what I started doing. And that is what works for me.

It’s not about professionalism, budget, branding, or production quality. It’s about connection, clarity, and the pure integrity of the teaching. That is how I create my own way. That is why I get messages from women like this all the time,

“I feel like your’e right here with me.”

“I refer to you as my friend Elizabeth at home…my husband kind of thinks I’m nuts.”

And that’s perfect, because that’s exactly how I want you to feel because regardless of time or space, I am right there with you. So I encourage you to find your own way to connect and create with those whose hearts are calling out for what you have to offer. – Click To Tweet

Big Rebellious Love,


Tell me what this post stirred up for you…what’s one thing you can start doing now to create more in alignment with your soul?

On Creating Your Own Way