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Daily Workouts :Arms Abs and Butt Workout

Back in 2008 when I was studying to become a personal trainer a friend of mine at NYSC who’d been training for years took me under his wing.  One of the very first things he taught me was all about “The Chick Trifecta”…arms, abs, thighs.

Go figure, the three things most women want to work on.

Todays workout does just that.

Click below for this daily workout for your arms, abs, and butt (which includes your thighs in this particular video!)

I’m loving Instagram so much lately. People have started tagging me in their workout posts and it feels amazing to know you’re using these workouts that I put out for you every week AND getting results. If you aren’t already follow me on Instagram @lizdialto.

Daily Workouts :Arms Abs and Butt Workout