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FH&B Thanksgiving Do's and Don'ts

Eat.  Nap.  Give thanks.

Is this not what the last Thursday in November is all about?

Some sit in hours of traffic, battle lines (and pat downs!) at the airport and squeeze into trains and buses (with fingers crossed there will be a place to store luggage that isn’t our lap!).  Some spend hours cooking and cleaning to prepare for guests.

Regardless of what you went through to get there, here’s a few do’s and don’ts for a delicious Thanksgiving in so many ways!

Do: Fill your heart before your stomach.  Most of us wouldn’t be the people we are if it weren’t for the love, help, care and generosity of others.  If you’re the type to let your Thank You’s go unsaid because you feel silly expressing yourself, you’re in luck!  The day is called “Thanksgiving.”  What a great excuse—you can give your thanks, and keep your street cred.

Not sure how to do it? You can call, text, email, Facebook, Twitter or tell your people in person.  You can write them a note or send them a card.  Speak from your heart, tell the person why your life is better because they’re in it.

While you’re at it, send a little prayer out to your God, the Universe or whomever, and say thanks for your blessings.

Now that your heart is full of gratitude, let the celebrating begin!

Don’t:  Save yourself for the big meal. Eat breakfast people (and lunch if The Big Show won’t be going down until the evening). These meals will get your metabolism revving so it will be better prepped for breaking down the imminent gluttonfest.

While you’re at it, keep it healthy since we know that won’t be the case in a few short hours…

Click here for 4 Healthy and Fast Breakfast Ideas

Do: Stop eating when you’re full. Thanksgiving is not a competitive eating match, although many people treat it that way.  Think quality, not quantity.  Go ahead and enjoy your favorite dishes, even if they’re not super healthy (yes! This is the ultimate cheat day). If you take your time, chew your food and really enjoy each bite, one helping is enough.

Also, be sure to throw some protein and veggies on your plate so you’re filling up on good foods too.  Metabolic Effect reminds us that, “There’s a reason why you can’t eat 5 chicken breasts, but you can easily eat more than 5 servings of bread.”

Don’t: Waste an obscene amount of calories on drinks. The average glass of wine is 130 calories, beers can range between 90-200 calories, mixed drinks up to 300 calories in just 8oz.  Shocked? I know, most people kind of forget that liquids have calories too.

We’re talking 300-1200 calories after 3-4 drinks, and that’s on top of the food?!  So again, enjoy your drinks, sip slowly and appreciate the taste.  Alternate with a glass of water, since alcohol can dehydrate you.

Do:  Engage in some physical activity. You might as well offset some of the damage.  If you’re super committed, put in a morning workout: walk, run or check out one of these “workout anywhere” choices I’ve posted on The Beauty Bean:

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You could also “do a lap” as I call it.  Go for a walk around the block after the big meal.  Get outside and play catch, touch football, anything to move that body since it’s a day filled with sitting and gorging!

Have a happy, beautiful and delicious Thanksgiving people!

FH&B Thanksgiving Do's and Don'ts