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EP105: Giovanni Marsico on The Value of Being a Dreamer


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It is such a pleasure to introduce today’s guest to you. This is a man whose generosity, wild dreaming, desire to help others, and willingness to take risks has benefitted my life in more ways than I can count. Literally. If I were to unravel the webs of many of the connections in my life in the last two years that have served me in the highest, many of their origins would point back to Giovanni Marsico. Today we’re talking about super powers, connection, the power of dreaming and more. I hope you enjoy it tremendously!

About Giovanni Marsico:

Giovanni Marsico is a talent scout, curator, and connector of superheroes. He is the founder of Archangel – a private membership community of mission-driven entrepreneurs that are making the world a better place through purpose-driven entrepreneurship and philanthropy.

Giovanni hosts his flagship mastermind event, Archangel Academy, every January in the Los Angeles area.

In this episode, Giovanni shares:

1. Connection and Love as the opposite of addiction
2. Strengthening your strengths and recognizing what’s special about you
3. The totally appropriate application of fantasizing in the shower

What You’ll Hear:

6:59 How and Why Giovanni created Archangel Academy
13:20 On identifying, admitting and embracing your superpowers
19:43 How structure creates freedom for flow
22:37 How to teach your children to dream big and go for it
25:19 The “moonshot” and dreaming of the impossible
32:42 Feeling into people and saying no with love
39:40 The story of the golden buddha + coming home to your true nature

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EP105: Giovanni Marsico on The Value of Being a Dreamer