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EP77: Nicole Moore on Dating, Love, and How To Be On Your Own Side


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Today I have my friend Nicole Moore on the show for a conversation about dating, love and relationships. I was especially excited to talk to Nicole about dating in our modern world and how she helps her clients navigate the various dating apps and services that are so popular these days. She talks about that, the purpose of dating, and we get into a lot of the personal healing that comes from relationships.

About Nicole Moore:
Nicole Moore, Love & Relationship Coach and founder of Love Works, helps women claim their power, open their hearts, love themselves and love men so that they can create amazing, lasting love. Nicole doesn’t teach women how to get love, she teaches women how to BE LOVE, so love flows to them effortlessly because it’s who they are. For more information, visit Nicole at

In this episode, Nicole shares:

1. Why “old demons” are super useful
2. Making yourself “negatively special”
3. Real definitions of failure and winning in relationships
4. The wild world of dating in the 21st century

What You’ll Hear:

4:06 Awakening and trusting the power of being a woman
8:29 Using books and cards as divine resources when you feel you have none
12:49 How Nicole’s experiences with love went from desperation to being a calling
18:00 Handling when an old demon rears its head in a new way
21:02 The modern dating field + dating for growth vs outcome
31:35 Marriage and how the idea of only one person for you is limiting

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EP77: Nicole Moore on Dating, Love, and How To Be On Your Own Side