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EP87: Samantha Skelly on Hungry For Happiness


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Today I’ve got my rockstar sister Samantha Skelly baring her wild soul in the name of women all over the world who suffer from or struggle with binge eating. Sam was a dancer growing up and never had any body issues until she stopped dancing in her twenties and had a rude awakening around food and movement. Now she leads a global movement creating awareness, programs and support for those with similar issues. She’s also a super spunky spitfire personality with the most gorgeous hair I’ve ever seen and a killer personality to boot.

This is a high energy session, buckle up!

About Samantha Skelly:

Samantha Skelly is the founder of Hungry For Happiness, an international movement to support women around the world who are suffering from binge eating and body image issues. Hungry For Happiness creates online accessible and affordable recovery resources to those who are suffering in silence. Samantha was awarded ‘Top 24 under 24’ in September 2013, In 2014 she was a finalist as the ‘Best Emerging Entrepreneur’ and Hungry For Happiness is now nominated for ‘Best Concept’ by Small Business BC. Samantha Skelly aims to create a disruptive company in the eating disorder recovery space. Her vision is to create the largest and most impactful online resource to support those who’s lives are negatively affected by issues with food and their bodies. When Samantha isn’t working on her mission she is probably upside down practicing acro yoga, playing guitar, at comedy improve class or dancing salsa.

In this episode, Samantha shares:

1. Binge eating as a barrier to intimacy
2. The dependency model of dieting
3. Using food for health and hunger instead

What You’ll Hear:

6:17 Samantha’s journey through an eating disorder
14:25 Binge eating + why failure is built into dieting
22:37 Loving what is, and changing your relationship to exercise
34:04 Exotic dancing and admiring the female form
40:58 Practices for learning self-acceptance
46:05 On needing someone + the art of receiving

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EP87: Samantha Skelly on Hungry For Happiness