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EP89: Amateo Ra and An Exploration of Masculinity, Power and Spirituality


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Amateo Ra is a soul brother and super friend. We even have the same hair and very similar laughs (which you will get to hear plenty of in this episode). He’s a person I could talk to until the end of time about growth, spirituality and maximizing this wild life experience we’re all sharing. We explore untaming many aspects of life in this episode including time and creativity. He helps us understand how we can “be our own universe” and how to capitalize on life’s inevitable adversities. And we also talk about primal power, the Hero’s Journey and taking personal responsibility for ourselves, too. It’s a deep one, friends. Enjoy!

About Amateo Ra:

Amateo Ra is an High Performance Biz Coach for inspired entrepreneurs creating an epic impact in the World. He is the creator and founder of the High Vibe Tribe.

In this episode, Amateo shares:

1. Untaming your creative process to maximize what you get out of your time
2. Being insanely motivated by adversity
3. The alternative to the empty quest

What You’ll Hear:

6:23 A new dynamic: the heroine’s journey
14:28 Amateo’s experience in softening his masculine side
19:08 When finding happens amidst the seeking
25:50 Handling betrayal + taking 100% responsibility for your life
43:24 How to untame your experience of living

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EP89: Amateo Ra and An Exploration of Masculinity, Power and Spirituality