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EP91: Sheevaun Moran on How to Have an Epic Life


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Today I get to introduce you to the MVP on my personal support squad, Sheevaun Moran. 2015 was the most successful year of my life and business. Even so as it was coming to a close in December I knew I couldn’t do another year the way I did 2015, it was time to add way more energy and magic to this untamed creation machine which is why I turned to Sheevaun. She is an energy master and the queen of simplicity. She’s helping me stop over doing and over giving in major ways. Enjoy her tips and timeless wisdom!

About Sheevaun Moran:

Sheevaun is a strategist and business coach. She helps people create miracles and combines the woo woo with the moola.

In this episode, Sheevaun shares:

1. How to live in excellence
2. The 1% rule
3. Letting go of lazy language
4. Using nature as a model

What You’ll Hear:

5:27 Exploring the need to be right
10:05 Putting energy first + feeling stuff in your body that might not be yours
20:21 Why everyone always being in love and light would be a problem
26:07 How to clean up your language
34:02 The rule of 1%
38:21 Playing full out with energy first
42:23 The energetics of television
44:57 The experience of traveling the world

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EP91: Sheevaun Moran on How to Have an Epic Life