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My New Favorite Workout

I recently went to a group-indoor certification class for Metabolic Effect.  I’m not gonna lie, a good friend of mine from school is their #1 fan so that’s why I went, but it quickly turned into one of the best things I’ve stumbled upon in 2010.

What happens when Naturopathic physicians, fitness and nutrition experts and a champion body builder team up to design a workout?  You end up with a genius program that combines cardio with resistance training to specifically burn fat, not just calories, (for up to 24-48 hours after the workout is over!), and works your entire body.

What I love about the Metabolic Effect workout:

  • it’s only 30 minutes (ideal for busy people).
  • it’s a Rest-based workout…you’re supposed to rest!
  • compound exercises work more muscles simultaneously which ups calorie burn, strength and coordination.
  • sprint exercises push you to your limit (and force you to the rest I mentioned earlier).
  • ME not only stands for Metabolic Effect, it stands for me! Since the workout is designed to push you to your limit, make you rest for as long or short of a time as you need to get back into the workout, each workout is yours, and each workout is different.
  • it ends with a little nutritional advice because these people are serious experts.

From an instructor standpoint, I also loved that there was a practical exam and a written take home exam.  Many certification classes you show up for eight hours and congrats! You’re certified, whether or not you demonstrate skills to be a great instructor of that program.  Not the case with the Metabolic Effect crew, you need to know your sh*t and be a motivating instructor to get their stamp of approval-and that attitude gets mine, holler!

If you’re looking to tone, shed some fat and gain strength, without having to spend hours at the gym, this is the workout for you.  Check out their site to find a location near you that offers the Metabolic Effect Workout, or schedule a session with a trainer online. For more on Metabolic Effect (and excellent daily tips on living a “fat burning lifestyle”) you can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also get their book (which I’m reading right now and loving).

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My New Favorite Workout