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Why “Finish What You Start” is Terrible Advice

This blog post could actually be one line, “Because finishing everything you start will make you miserable.”

A few months back my friend Stephanie shared something with me she learned from her coach: The Scale of Integrity.

“Finish what you start” is definitely on it, but all the way at the top, above all other things is “Honor yourself.”

That resonated with me so hard because I believe my intuition is my soul talking to me, guiding me towards my life’s purpose.

If you share my belief, this means every time we choose to honor our selves, we are taking one step closer to becoming who we are meant to be. Even when that means quitting or letting people down. (I’ll mention the best way to do that towards the end).

We’re all spiritual beings having a human experience.

Part of that experience requires trial and error.

How will we know what we like, if we don’t also discover what we don’t like?

How will we find success if we don’t also risk failing?

How will we grow and expand if we always take the easy road?

How will we love deeply if we don’t have our hearts broken open?

Chances are if you finish everything you start, you’re not actually challenging yourself because some things should take you to an edge you’re unwilling to go to.

This is how we discover our limits.

Some of our greatest opportunities live at our limits. < Tweet this

…to discover our strengths and weaknesses (no, I will not call these “areas for improvements” because it’s ok to suck at some stuff).

…to decide what really matters to us and give ourselves permission to allow that to change as we do.

…to learn how to genuinely apologize and have tough conversations when we realize we’re in over our heads, don’t like what we’re doing, who we’re with, or how it’s going and it’s time to get out.

…to realize what all of that says about us and make the choice to become a better human or stay the same.

…to take responsibility for our choices and own our happiness, misery and everything in between.

…to be discerning and do better next time.

Maybe quitting isn’t the issue, it’s saying yes to shit that doesn’t feel right.

We all have different core desires and values.

Sometimes we forget to use them as our compass and measure our responsibilities and duty against others’ desires and values instead.

It’s ok to quit, just do it with grace. < Tweet this

Be open and honest.

Treat your intuition as fact.

Trust yourself.

Leave no room for excuses or half truths.

Apologize and forgive (yourself included).

And above all else, be nice to yourself, even (especially) when other people aren’t.



Why “Finish What You Start” is Terrible Advice