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Five Easy Ways to Bounce Back from a Gluttonous Weekend










I just got back from a long weekend in Mexico with my coach Marie Forleo and 20 Rich Happy and Hot women entrepreneurs.  We had a freaking blast, and let me tell you, “over-indulged” is a serious understatement for my behavior the last few days.

*Note-that’s what “all-inclusive” will do to you, “Dessert? Why not? It’s all inclusive!”*

That’s not an excuse by the way-I knew fully what I was doing and I feel like total crap.  I’m exhausted, my stomach is not happy with me and I am in bloat-city.  I’m not worried about it though, I have five go-to fixes that I’ll start immediately in the morning and be feeling like myself again by the end of the day.

I teach clients to adhere to the following philosophy:  You’re always one great night of sleep, one clean meal or one killer workout away from being right back on track.  So follow these five fixes the next time you need to bounce back from a less-than-healthy weekend…

#1.  Get a full 8 hours of sleep.  

After all of that eating, drinking and traveling the body needs some serious repair.  Make this a priority for at least 3 nights in a row.  This alone makes a huge difference.

#2. Don’t you dare go near a scale.

Sodium retains 50x it’s weight in water.  I was in Mexico, everything was salty (including the rim of my margaritas!).  Stepping on a scale would be totally demoralizing and therefore what’s the point?  I’m in the business of setting you up for success.  Weighing yourself after you know you weren’t making great choices is a miserable idea.

#3.  Drink 3-4L of water.

Hydration is key.  My metabolism, hunger, energy and cravings are all out of whack after not getting enough sleep, eating all kinds of sugar and carbs that I don’t usually eat and consuming alcohol which I do very infrequently so water is key.  This goes for any day you want to hit the “reset” button.  And I know what you’re probably thinking “But Liz, if I drink that much water I’ll be peeing all day.”  Good news, everybody pees.  Nobody is judging you.

#4.  Be a clean eating machine.

I’m going to eat 100% real food at every meal for the next few days.  Nothing processed that didn’t grow out of the earth or come from an animal.  I’m also going to keep it as organic as possible.  If you’re on a tight budget and this isn’t an option-that’s ok.  Frozen or non-organic is totally cool, just give everything a good rinse before cooking or eating.


If your overindulgent weekend involves not exercising like mine did-get  right back on the program.  I recommend your favorite workout-so you start off by looking forward to it, rather than dreading it.  No matter what you choose, make sure you push yourself, work up a really good sweat and take a minute when you finish to pat yourself on the back for getting right back in the swing of things!

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Five Easy Ways to Bounce Back from a Gluttonous Weekend