Nov 14 – Dec 12


Embodying Our Way to Liberation

Foundational Embodiment Practices and Energetic Tools for creating a life and a world you can be proud of


  • You’re into exploring the intersections between energy, sensuality, and spirituality
  • You could really use some practical, reliable, and timeless tools for cultivating personal and collective healing, joy, and liberation
  • You sometimes get stuck in the healing hamster wheel and feel overwhelmed by all the messaging about what you need to do and all of the methods and modalities to choose from
  • You crave more compassion, love, deep connection, and reciprocity in your relationships
  • You’ve done a bit of trauma healing, inner child, and/or core wound work and you’re ready to start visioning, creating, and building what comes after that
  • You’d love to be part of a truly inclusive spiritual community that feels equally as grounded in reality as it is devoted to magic and sacredness


WEEK 1 PRACTICES (Nov 14, 16 +18)- “THE BASICS”: Grounding, cord cutting, and connecting to your heart
WEEK 1 REFLECTION EXERCISES (Nov 15 + 17): Journaling, Contemplation + Discussion prompts for noticing how the practices work in your system and what they help you feel, be, and do
WEEK 2 PRACTICES (Nov 21, 23, + 25) – “EXPANSIVE EXPERIENCES”: Attuning your vibration to joy and liberation, embodying your power, and accessing your Wild Soul Wisdom
WEEK 2 REFLECTIONS (Nov 22 + 24): Journaling, Contemplation + Discussion prompts for noticing how the practices work in your system and what they help you feel, be, and do
WEEK 3 WORKSHOP (Dec 1) – “SACRED EMBODIMENT FOR SELF LIBERATION”: Learn simple and effective ways to connect and work with the genius of your body and wisdom of your soul. First, to liberate yourself from past experiences, limiting beliefs, conditioning, and suffering, and second, to anchor into new vision and possibilities for your life
WEEK 4 WORKSHOP (Dec 8) – “FEELING AND DEALING 2.0”: I’m rebooting one of my most popular workshops to teach you how to expertly navigate and alchemize your biggest feelings, deepest emotions, and most intense triggers in service to both yourself and the collective
I can’t say all the ways your work has made a difference for me. When I found you l was stuck in the self-development/self-help craze, feeling like there was always something to fix, always something I should do. You’ve supported me and helped me find home – home in myself, home in my body, home out in the world. There is nothing lacking in me, nothing lesser or not enough, and now I spend my time doing things that light me up and help me get to the places I want to experience in life. I will be forever grateful.



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Known for her raw, honest, and nuanced approach to spirituality and the healing arts, Elizabeth DiAlto is an Embodiment Specialist, a Mystic, and host of the Embodied Podcast (3M+ downloads!). A native New Yorker of Puerto Rican and mixed-European descent, Elizabeth started her professional life in sales, then moved into health and fitness. In 2013 life finally called her to do her soul’s work and she founded what has now evolved to be School of Sacred Embodiment. Her mastery is in teaching, facilitation, and communication with immense reverence, humor, and compassion. Everything she studies, practices, and creates is in service to collective healing, joy, and liberation. Elizabeth currently lives in Miami, is an avid Latin dancer, and has a laugh that has been described as “a sound bath of sunshine and joy.”

“As a woman lost in her mind all day, I am liberated by Elizabeth DiAlto’s teachings on returning to our bodies to rediscover ourselves. And she doesn’t just talk it — she EMBODIES it: You can feel her living & breathing (& dancing!) her message in every post — can’t wait to learn more from her.”

Glennon Doyle, NY Times Bestselling Author of Untamed, Love Warrior and Carry on Warrior

“Elizabeth is the real deal. She is a modern-day healer for those of us who are looking for a new approach to embodiment and spiritual practice. Not only is she just magical but she also is an amazing example of how to have a deep connection to spirituality while holding space for the realness of the world. I just love everything about her.”

Trudi Lebron, Founder of The Institute for Equity-Centered Coaching, Host of the Business Remixed Podcast

“Elizabeth is part mystic, part healer, and all love. Her embodiment work is an invitation to be in your body, move your body, express yourself, protect yourself, and deeply fall in love with every part of yourself from the inside out. My favorite part is there is beautiful bridge between sensuality, laughter, strength, and fierce boundaries. If you are a modern womxn with an old soul, you’ll find a new way of taking care of your body and the community you’ve been seeking.”

Jadah Sellner, Founder and Host of the Lead with Love Podcast

“Elizabeth DiAlto is a force of nature. She is a natural leader who brings honesty, vulnerability and humor to the exploration of sometimes difficult topics. An original thinker with a deep lust for life, Elizabeth inspires her community simply by being her authentic, raw, brave, ballsy, brilliant self. I encourage all of my clients to become a part of Elizabeth’s Wild Soul world and they are forever grateful.”

Terri Cole, Creator of Boundary Bootcamp, Author of Boundary Boss