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Healthy Chai Tea Latte

I LOVE me a chai tea latte, but you know what I don’t love? Tons of added sugar in the mixes they use at coffee shops. Last year for Christmas I got a Milk Foamer and ever since I’ve been a home made healthy chai tea latte making machine!

(Seriously, check my Instagram from December, it was a little ridiculous, there were even a few days I made two…don’t judge me, it was the holidays!)

Everyone kept asking me what milk foamer I got-this time I know to anticipate that so here it is (you press one button and it only takes 90 seconds!!!):

Healthy Chai Tea Latte

1/2-3/4 cup boiling water to steep your tea
1 chai tea bag (or scoop of loose leaf tea)
as much almond or cashew milk as the milk foamer requires to do it’s thing (mine has a few lines that say “Min” and “Max”).
(optional) 1 tsp raw honey
(optional) dash of cinnamon to top it off and make it look pretty

1. Boil water
2. Steep tea
3. While tea is steeping foam your milk
4. Remove tea bag
5. Add honey, stir
6. Add milk
7. Sprinkle cinnamon
8. Post a picture to instagram of yourself enjoying it and tag me @lizdialto

Step 8 is obviously optional, but it would be really fun and I’d love to see you enjoying the recipe. Look, I’ll even go first…

Healthy Chai Tea Latte