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What GIVES this holiday season?

Wordle: fit, healthy and beautiful

Unless you’re the type that gets all your holiday shopping done in August, your shopping season is just around the corner.  Before you hit the stores at 4am on Black Friday for all kinds of material deals, I put together a FH&B list of brainstorming questions to help you give exquisite gifts this year.

Exquisite. Beautiful.  Excellent.  Finely detailed.

What inspires exquisite gift giving?

Last week’s Superwoman Spotlight, Latham Thomas posted this quote on FB the other day…

“Love is always the appropriate response.”


Whether your buying for people you really care about, or you drew the name of your least favorite person in the office Secret Santa, before you swipe that credit card, think, “How can I hand this person a package of love to unwrap?”


What do they always complain about?  Is there a gift to alleviate their problem?

What would add value to their life?  a book, a subscription, a service (like personal or virtual training, *wink, *wink), an activity?

Ponder this: what’s something they would LOVE, but probably wouldn’t spend money on themselves?

What kind of pampering could they use? mani/pedi? massage? facial? any other form of luxurious, goddess inspired treatment?

Do they own something really old that can use some upgrading? a watch, their go to jacket/blazer/coat/sweater/handbag, a kitchen utensil, a small appliance?

Are they running out of something you can replenish for them? Their favorite scent, eye cream, anti-aging moisturizer, tea, planner inserts?

What could you get this person that would absolutely make their face light up?!

Let’s make this a beautiful season of giving people gifts they’ll love, appreciate, cherish and rave about.  Leave your comments of some of your best gift ideas, places to shop or websites below.


What GIVES this holiday season?