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Kale Chips

I recently discovered (thanks to the salad bar at Whole Foods in Logan Circle, DC) that I really like Kale.  I’d heard of Kale chips before and have been on a kick to spice them up.  Here are my top 3 favorite varieties and tips on how to make them quickly and easily.

3 Varieties:

1. Season with Goya Adobo (add garlic if you’re an aficionado)

2. Trader Joe’s sells some amazing spreads.  I LOVE the Roasted Red Pepper with Garlic and Eggplant spread.  Shake up your kale (see how below) with this or any other healthy spread and enjoy!

3. Parmesan cheese, no explanation needed-just don’t go crazy, we are trying to keep this healthy 😛

Quick and Easy Preparation Tips

1. To coat with olive oil, add olive oil to the bottom of a tupperware (make sure it has a lid that fits).  Amount of olive oil varies with the amount of kale.  I’ve noticed too much olive oil results in mushy not crispy kale chips so be careful.

2. Add any of the above seasonings or spreads, then throw your kale in, cover and shake it up for optimum coating.

3.  If you’re only making a small batch for a snack-skip the oven and use the toaster oven to save some time!

Kale Chips