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Look and feel better by Memorial Day: GUT CHECK!

Here in the Northeastern US people everywhere are counting down days to summer kick off and the beach.  The question is, how are you going to look and feel sitting in this chair?

There are three types of these people out there.

1. The person who counts down with excitement, anticipation and is hitting the gym 4-6 days/wk in preparation (sometimes twice!)

2.  The person who is making minor changes and thinking about bathing suit season, putting in some workout time but not really seeing any results.

3.  The person who absolutely dreads the weather getting too warm for sleeves and pants any longer, but is too discouraged to do anything about it.


It doesn't matter if you are person # 1, 2 or 3.  One of the biggest keys to looking and feeling great by Memorial Day is to do a serious GUT CHECK…LITERALLY!

Many people don't get results because they aren't honest with themselves.  We convince ourselves we eat healthy and we're putting in "quality" workouts, but are we really doing these things? Sometimes-no.  So identify your downfalls. Some great questions to start with are:

Where can I eliminate calories in my diet that aren't benefiting my health or fitness?

Think: anything man made, cheese, snacks (including 100 calorie packs), granola (granola is deceiving, usually very high in carbs and they're mostly sugar), other indulgences like chocolate, coffee drinks with syrups or whipped cream, and etc.  Sauces, dressings, seasonings high in sodium (hello bloat!).  Do you drink regular soda, iced teas or sports drinks that are packed with empty calories?  These are all areas for opportunity to cut calories.

Be smart, look at labels when you grocery shop, click here for tips on grocery shopping smarter

THIS IS A BIG ONE: (if you laugh when you read this it's because you've done it!) Stop telling yourself that "this doesn't count"…one hershey's kiss DOES COUNT!  Is it going to ruin your body no, but chances are if you're lying about that, you're probably lying about a bunch of other things over the course of the week and they ADD UP–big time.  Beverages often fall into this category, just because you can't chew something doesn't mean it's not loaded with calories you don't need.

What I am really getting at? Pay closer attention to what goes in your mouth!

Next ask yourself…

How many days per week am I working out and for how long? HONESTLY! (chit chatting at the gym w/ your buddies doesn't count just because you're inside the building).

Putting in 20-30 minutes of cardio 2-3 days/ wk is just not enough.  I always tell my clients 3-4 workouts per week should be a minimum target.  If you really want to ramp up results, at least two of those days should include resistance training.  Building lean muscle is extremely beneficial.  You'll burn more calories at rest, you'll be stronger, your fitness level will increase and all of these things will boost your confidence not to mention your appearance.

CONCLUSION: Step up your game.  Be honest with yourself, like everything in life when it comes to health and fitness what you put in is what you get out.  Ask yourself the questions we just talked about and if you don't like the answers, change them!

Comment time! What are you most worried about with summer just a few weeks away? (hint: leave a comment here, because I’m probably going to use it to make a video in the next few weeks for ya!)


Look and feel better by Memorial Day: GUT CHECK!