Wild Soul Wisdom Meditation

Out of over 40 meditations in our Healing Meditation Library, the Wild Soul Wisdom Meditation has been a Wild Soul Sacred Body Member favorite since 2020. This 17-minute meditation can take you from being stuck and confused to having clarity, peace, and awe. Enjoy!

Wild Soul Movement Class

Since there’s a full moon this week and that is always a great time to do release work, here is a Wild Soul Movement class with. a theme of Release. The mantra is, “I lovingly release that which is not mine to hold.” This is one of 100+ Wild Soul Movement classes covering various themes in the Wild Soul Sacred Body Membership.

Energetic Attunement

A bit different than Healing Meditations, our members love the Energetic Attunements in Wild Soul Sacred Body. Try this out for Releasing Big Emotions. It’s great for getting to a more centered, regulated place when intense stuff is going on so you can respond rather than react!