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Healthy Pineapple Cashew “Fried” Rice









This recipe provides you with a general idea of how to prepare the dish.  Since I made it up there’s a lot of room for interpretation.  If you add your own creative twist be sure to let me know what it was in the comments.  Enjoy!


Brown Rice (I used 1 cup uncooked, if you’re doing boil-in-a-bag, it’s probably 2 bags)

2 eggs-scrambled

1 red pepper-chopped

1 orange or yellow pepper-chopped

green beans-chopped

about 1/2 cup cashews-chopped

1/2 real pineapple (not canned!)-chopped

2-3 chicken breasts (or whatever form of protein you prefer)

sesame seeds (these are optional, I just love them so toss them over anything that seems remotely appropriate)

*chop everything to the size/shape you prefer, and you know me-I’m not big on the measurements so feel free to add/subtract to your preference


  • You’re going to cook everything separately at first
  • cook brown rice
  • combine and mix all chopped ingredients in a bowl first and let it sit  for at least 10 minutes so the pineapple juice can get all over everything-yum!  Then saute over high heat with cooking spray, mixing constantly for about 2 minutes, then lower the heat to medium/low so it can all simmer to your ideal consistency, I like my veggies crunchy-if you’re the mushy type, let them sit longer.
  • scramble 2 eggs in a small frying pan with cooking spray
  • cook your protein in a frying pan with cooking spray, olive oil or peanut oil (I imagine sesame oil would also be a great choice)-just 1-2 tablespoons is enough
  • I combine the rice, eggs and the veggies but not the protein-in a large frying pan to create the “fried rice” feel.  High heat, mixing constantly for just a few minutes.
  • Serve protein over rice mix then leave me a comment to let me know how friggin’ delicious it is!

*Note, if you have nut allergies, don’t include the cashews, pretty sure it would still taste delicious!

Do you have a healthy recipe to share? Drop it in the comments for the community to enjoy-thanks!

Healthy Pineapple Cashew “Fried” Rice