EP302: When You're Not One Thing with Christina Dunbar

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Today’s guest, Christina Dunbar is another multi-passionate and talented artist and creative and I loved her big truth – it was about not being one thing.

I have a feeling a lot of you will be able to relate to this. She talked about being sexual, spiritual, smart, shy, bold, tender, fierce and more. We got into the creative impulse and her journey from the world of ballet and being shy growing up, to becoming an exotic dancer to support herself and finding her voice.

We talked a lot about storytelling as a beautiful machine that creates empathy and compassion. We discussed creative process and inspiration, what brings our senses alive about witnessing other people’s art, the healing benefits of sharing ourselves creatively and more.

I loved this chat. Listen, share, and let me know what you think!



From Christina Dunbar:

I’m a creative artist and storyteller in service to my voice and the voice of other women. I’ve produced and directed over 40 short stories for the stage and worked with hundreds of women on the art of storytelling and speaking.

Currently, I’m sharing my own story of survival and soul through my one-woman show, Dirty Me Divine.

I am a lover of poetry.

I believe that words and stories heal and the world is starving for the female perspective.

Connect with Christina Dunbar:

Website | Dirty Me Divine | Red

What You’ll Hear:

6:10 The idea that Christina is not one thing
6:58 Christina’s story of coming to L.A. and discovering she was a multi-passionate artist
14:19 Her perfectionism & how her background in ballet emphasized it
15:16 Christina’s one-woman show, Dirty Me Divine
19:47 The coexistence of the empowering and disempowering aspects of exotic dancing
27:25 How she reconciled her feelings & interests with the clients’ desires
29:28 Her experiences with healing moments in unexpected settings
32:03 How stories create empathy, communion, and compassion
33:11 Christina’s performance workshop space, Red
38:16 The ideal environment for Christina to write & her creative fuel
41:51 Finding time to create by stealing moments
44:58 The healing that comes with creative expression and specifically writing and sharing your story
50:33 What a container is in terms of art
53:09 Witnessing versus watching another person’s creative expression
1:00:26 How all types of art are humanizing


Dirty Me Divine
The Getty

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“I am not one thing as a woman walking this earth. I am sexual and spiritual and smart. I can be shy and bold. I can be tender and fierce.” – Christina Dunbar

“When you’re thinking there’s only one right path, there’s no room to play, there’s no room for exploration, there’s no room to just try stuff out to see what sticks and to see where you want to adjust.” – Christina Dunbar

“It’s so weird when you feel like your mission is something that you’re absolutely terrified of.” – Christina Dunbar

“Stories are these beautiful machines that can create empathy and communion and compassion.” – Christina Dunbar

“I think there’s a place for self-critique, especially if we’re trying to grow as speakers and performers and artists but to do it in a way that’s actually for the higher good of the art we are creating.” – Christina Dunbar

“One of the biggest gifts we can give ourselves is to be fully expressed.” – Christina Dunbar

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