EP305: Energy Matters with Zuyapa Jackson

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Today’s guest, Zuyapa Jackson, is one of my dearest friends. This was the kind of conversation that originally inspired me to start this podcast four years ago, just chatting with a friend about things we care about deeply, like healing, spirituality, and truth–then thinking, “Damn! I bet other people would love to be flies on the wall for this!” So I hope you feel that way as you listen 🙂

Zuyapa’s big truth was around deeply trusting herself. We also talked about how fine is never good enough and made some really great distinctions between surviving, living and thriving. We talked about how we’re always cycling through the three and how we aren’t meant to be static or dormant in any of them.

We got into what it’s like to be a “knower”, how we have to go deep into the dark places in order to heal, one main reason being to resolve our shame.

Zuyapa shared why she thinks we’re constipated as a society and how we’re not “digesting” everything that goes on in our lives, how important it is to have places to turn to be truthful, and why we have to purify our physical and energetic bodies to come back out ourselves.

She also left us with a beautiful invitation to pray – and shared how to use it as a way to commune with not only the divine, but yourself as well.

This was a really beautiful conversation. I could barely stop smiling throughout all of it – I hope you love it too, listen many times and share it with anyone you think would appreciate it.



About Zuyapa:

Zuyapa Jackson is an Energy Healer, Seer, Spiritual Teacher and Author. She has over 15 years working with individuals, groups and companies who want more internal and external harmony. Her mission is to ease suffering and guide people to a path of peaceful relationship. She helps people purify the distortions in their energy fields and minds, so that they can bring forth the power of their Spirit for more freedom in life, more love in their hearts, more vitality and restful nights, purpose driven success and healthy harmonious relationships. Her clients learn new ways of experiencing radical self love, self respect and appreciation for themselves and others, while being active and purposeful in creating the life they want to live.

Her first book, Energy Matters : A Guidebook is available now on Amazon.com. Connect with her at zuyapajackson.com

Connect with Zuyapa Jackson:

Website | Instagram

What You’ll Hear:

5:28 Getting to know your personal nuance
9:21 The difference between surviving and thriving
12:45 Zuyapa shares a truth happening in her life right now
17:00  Growing inward before growing up and out
17:49 Why shame is so meaningful
22:10 How Zuyapa developed a deep trust in herself
26:28 Why Elizabeth doesn’t care what other people think of her
29:40 The illusion of connectivity in our world
30:44 Hyper-independence and why it’s so dangerous
33:20 The difference between the infinite you and the current you
38:00 Expressing ourselves through social media
40:12 How our world is moving away from humanity
48:06 Zuyapa explains why one woman is all women
49:39 Why the cancel culture is so harmful
53:00 Zuyapa shares how she found herself in a narcissistic relationship and how stopped being passive in her life
56:50 Why experiences in your life have to run its course
1:01:34 Zuyapa shares the power of prayer in your life


Energy Matters
One on One Offerings with Elizabeth DiAlto

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“Fine is never good enough.” – Zuyapa Jackson

“When you don’t know where to turn to be truthful, then you keep it inside and it becomes shame.” – Zuyapa Jackson

“We are designed to need each other.” – Zuyapa Jackson

“Everything is within you to go and find.” – Zuyapa Jackson

“If we’re denying other peoples humanity, we’re denying our own.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“It’s like I was taking the poison so I could figure out my own anecdote.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

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