EP307: Using Water, Dance and Movement for Trauma Healing with Rocio Navarro

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You all know how much I geek out on conversations about trauma and how we can move through things in ways that are accessible to us AND honor where we are in life. Today’s conversation with Rocio Navarro hits on ALL OF THAT!

Her big truth was about the nuances in how “surrender” is used in our culture.

From there we talked about stepping into the unknown and being open to possibilities and how beautiful hard and everything in between life can be.

Rocio shared how she uses and engages with water as a healing element. She shared how water has been her teacher and a path that reveals as so much of life is encapsulated in different densities of water.

We talked about the relationship between hypervigilance, strength and resilience, dance as medicine and a trauma healing tool, AND we even touched on working with dreams.

This was a really rich, deep and layered conversation about different ways we heal – I hope you’ll listen more than once, let me know what lands for you and share it with anyone you can think of who can use it!



About Rocio Navarro:

Rocio Navarro is a sociologist, artist, and water healer. She has helped over 500 people in the water, taking them through transformative experiences awakening to the whispers of the heart and soul. She has worked with couples having children; artists awakening their innermost creativity; individuals regaining intimacy and connection with themselves and loved ones; sufferers of PTSD, depression, and anxiety; and seekers of hidden potential and life dreams. Water healing is performed in a shallow body of temperature-controlled water and combines and integrates aspects of Watsu, Aguahara, Cranio-Sacral, Reiki, Sound, Cymatics, Epigenetics, and Energetics. Navarro provides individual and group sessions for people throughout Southern California, and occasionally does work with Tibetan bowls for sound and water healing sessions.


Connect with Rocio Navarro:

Website | Instagram


What You’ll Hear:

5:41 How Rocio distinguishes between her body and her trauma body
10:20 What Elizabeth would do in a traumatic situation
11:55 The truth that is having an impact on Rocio’s life right now
14:30 How Elizabeth will choose to respond to her chance to “surrender”
15:43 Surrendering and why it requires space for the unknown
17:26 Why water is such a powerful element to navigate through healing
20:14 The work that Rocio does with water and how it impacts the nervous system
22:18 Letting go of hyper-vigilance and how it had an impact on Elizabeth’s life
25:02 The varying levels of health and how optimal health is a very individual thing
28:03 Rocio’s family immigrating to the U.S. and using dance to heal their pain
30:30 The power of experiencing our body versus being stuck in our brain
33:20 Why Elizabeth has brought back music and how it has helped her therapeutically
36:55 Movement and how it rewires the brain
40:09 Being able to respond without self-judgment
41:33 How Rocio got into trauma healing
46:25 Dreams and how they can guide you toward your purpose
52:37 The people in Rocio’s life and how they respond to her work
56:10 Our own transformation and how it can cause grief or loss for others
59:30 The biggest healing moments that Rocio has come across



Water Healing

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“Water, personally for me is a teacher and is a path that continues to unveil things in my life.” – Rocio Navarro

“Surrender is really about stepping into a place that I have no idea what it’s about. And I’m opening myself deeply to the possibilities and I have to activate a level of trust because I don’t know what’s on the other side. And I have to believe that there is something for me on the other side that I can maybe reject because I think there is an action to surrender. Surrender is not passive.”  – Rocio Navarro

“You can’t really trust without surrender, and you can’t really surrender without trust.” -Elizabeth DiAlto

“If you understand it on this physical level, that everything that we say, we think, we breathe, gets imprinted into the water in the air. That information is there. We have access to that there and we have access to that information in ourselves. That’s why water is so deep.”  – Rocio Navarro

“A lot of people, whether they are a mom or whether they run a business, they are literally, figuratively, metaphorically, but also just very truly in their lives every day holding so much, that to be held is such a gift.”  – Elizabeth DiAlto

“I just remember us being in a small living room, and literally like 20 of us dancing together. Those were the memories that in my somatic body, reminded me of the resiliency of my family. This was the way they communed because they felt so isolated and defeated.  And this was the only way that their bodies could release.”  – Rocio Navarro

“Dance for me is also medicine. If I’m not moving my body, I feel stuck.”  – Rocio Navarro

“When I quit personal training and stopped moving so much, the level of emotional tensity in my life when through the friggin roof.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“I don’t personally believe that I can heal another, I believe I can facilitate healing. I’m quite certain that my core belief around healing is that we heal ourselves.” – Elizabeth DiAlto


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