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It feels goooood to be back y’all.

So good.

And it feels so good because DAMN I NEEDED THAT BREAK!

I suspect I will take a summer break every summer from now on – but you know me, I always reserve the right to change my mind so we’ll see what summer 2020 brings when we get there.

I’m recording this on Tuesday 8/27, it’ll air on Monday 9/2 and this morning I also officially popped back onto Instagram. I’ve been dabbling a bit in the last week or so, but there’s something about using intentional words to say, hello, I’m back, let’s do this, thank you for being here with me, here’s what’s up that feels right and appropriate to me.

IG POST: Officially back from summer break!

I dubbed this my Queen Summer in June because I wanted to integrate some deep personal work I’d been doing for almost three years and “crown myself” before my 36th birthday.

If you’re new here, I’m Elizabeth: Virgo Sun, Cap Moon, Gemini Rising. ENFJ. Manifesting Generator – 6/2. From NY, live in LA. For fun I dance salsa and do stand up comedy.

Sensuality, nuance, discernment, curiosity, belly laughing, collective healing + liberation, fierce love, compassion and grace are some of my jams.

I’m into remembering and embracing that we’re all fully human and fully divine. I lust for the mystical and the esoteric while keeping things grounded and real.

I’m an embodiment teacher, creator of Wild Soul Movement, and host of the Truth Telling podcast – which turns 5 in 2020!

My life’s work is about healing, growth, embodiment and truth (the kind that’s always evolving within us and around us).

I work with clients 1:1, do Akashic Records readings, have a year-long online women’s circle called POWER, run about 10 workshops /yr and train teachers in Wild Soul Movement.

I think masterminds are overdone so in 2020 I’m debuting a new retreat-based experience called SACRED – a soulful exploration of JOY through travel, connection and restoration. I’m gonna take 12 “high powered” womxn on four life-altering adventures!

I keep up my education and practice to be trauma and social justice informed and choose to roll with people who are doing the same.

I’m also here to explore what it means to reclaim and redefine womxnhood for the 21st century.

I’m not into cancel culture, but I am into integrity and accountability, so I won’t stand for or be party to willful ignorance, manipulative or abusive behavior, however, I will always root for folks to learn, heal, grow and do better.

In 2019 I decided to post more movement videos to remind people to spend more time in their bodies. I tag them #wsm222 and you can find them in my stories now.

I appreciate your time, energy and attention more than you could know. Thank you so much for being here with me!

Enjoy the episode!

What You’ll Hear:

4:48 Coming back from her first official break from the podcast
9:53 Practicing her own curriculum from Wild Soul Movement
11:01 Crossing a healing threshold this summer
14:57 Feedback from listeners about her episode with Linda
17:59 Bringing more men onto the show in 2020
21:34 Learning what she wanted in a relationship
26:28 Deciding to keep her home base in LA
30:55 Hiring more help for her business
35:05 Taking inventory on when she relishes and resent being alone
38:16 Figuring out ways to make things she doesn’t enjoy more enjoyable
41:52 Knowing yourself and how you’re built
45:54 Her year-long retreat-based experience


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“I learned to put my healing above anything else and to ditch any guilt that I had.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“Healing isn’t a thing you ever actually finish doing.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“Your trauma wants to heal itself and will invite you in on opportunities to do just that.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“There are certain things that I know damn well that I shouldn’t be trying to do myself and that I definitely shouldn’t be trying to do it alone.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“Human connection is always at our fingertips.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“Some things are just not our jam, and it’s okay to just suck it up and get through it.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

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