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So, a few months back I posted on Facebook and Instagram that I was looking for more men to invite on the show and one of the first recommendations I got was for today’s guest, Amir Khalighi, founder of Embodied Masculine.

In my initial call with Amir, I really appreciated his devotion to the Divine Mother and the way he spoke with reverence and respect for both the earth and women, as well as the connection between the two and all of us.

Before we dive in I want to make a note that this conversation did lean in the heteronormative direction since most of Amir’s work and experiences as well as my own are in that realm. We also bumped into some crunchiness around gendered terms and certain teachings, which I never mind because like I say in the show intro, not every guest’s views reflect my own, nor should they all the time.

His big truth was around how disconnected we are from, nature, Source ourselves and our higher selves.

A few things Amir shared – the masculine body has a longer distance to travel to get to the pleasure side of themselves, what happens when a man is not allowed to express what is in him to be expressed, and why he’s not into pacifism as an approach to oppression.

He also walked me through some archetypal stuff from a few bodies of work he incorporates deeply into his practices with men. My hope is this is an episode people of any gender can listen to and share with the men in their lives to gain some perspective and maybe even some understanding and connection to bridge some gaps and create some growth and healing among us.

Let me know how it lands for you!


About Amir Khalighi:
Amir Khalighi has worked with men for the past 25 years.  He is the founder of,,, and is president and CEO of Ticket Platform Inc., a software development company in Los Angeles.  With over 30 years of martial arts training, he is a third-degree black belt under Sensei, Fariborz Azakh, and has over 15 years of martial arts, mixed martial arts and tactical self-defense instructional experience.  Amir Khalighi is also a professional actor, renderer of the poetry of masters such as Jal?l ad-D?n Muhammad R?m?, Hafiz, Pablo Neruda and more. He is married to the woman of his dreams and is a father of four daughters.

Connect with Amir:
Website | Instagram | Facebook

What You’ll Hear:

5:02 How Amir is feeling in his body today
5:58 The truth that’s having an impact in his life right now
10:06 Guiding men through more feminine movements to see if they can access their feminine
12:33 Getting men in touch with their own bodies
15:53 Dropping into your heart and getting in touch with nature
19:28 Why men suffer because of lack of full expression
23:30 What kind of work Amir does with men
27:38 Bringing balance back to the earth through the feminine and masculine
32:08 Giving people the benefit of the doubt
32:50 The lover archetype and what they do
34:10 What the magician archetype is 
35:43 The difference between the impetus of the king and the impetus of the lover
39:08 The four different body types
44:56 How energetics work with people who are fluid in their sexuality
45:23 The cosmic and spiritual part of the masculine and feminine
48:02 Amir’s experience with diving into his feminine 
51:05 The difference of someone showing up from their own volition versus from ultimatums


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“Men have a hard time knowing what feels good in their own bodies and letting that live and express itself.” – Amir Khalighi

“The more men can get in touch with nature, the more they’re dropping into their hearts and the less they’re associated with what society is breeding men to be.” – Amir Khalighi

“Men suffer mostly because of unexpressed feelings and energy.” – Amir Khalighi

“A lot of men don’t have the capacity to have their own containers for their emotional bodies.” – Amir Khalighi

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