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This is episode two of a six-week podcast series I do every year called Journey into the Wild Soul. It’s FILLED with gems to explore your inner world to help you have a better outer world experience. (And that is putting it very, very mildly.)

I’ve also opened up a free pop-up Facebook group to get some quality time together as a Wild Soul community before 2020 starts and we get all “hyped up” about a new year. I hope you’ll join me and bring your friends!

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The Journey into the Wild Soul is about reflecting on the year and perhaps years previous, so that we can leave the past in the past as we transition into a new year. As well as to invite you to consider if how you’ve been going about your growth, healing and transformation is really effective or if it’s more performative, obligatory, inefficient, ineffective, or just a distraction.

Our theme this year is WHOLENESS and in this second episode, I’m diving into the roles of acceptance, grace and deep committed practice in growth, healing and wholeness.

If you didn’t hear the first episode last week, that’s ok, you don’t have to go back and listen to it before diving into this one unless you want to. Here’s the link if you do:


What You’ll Hear:

9:58 Why acceptance has to come before improvement
12:21 How acceptance can be hard to come by
12:51 What it means to accept something 
16:09 How we’re made up of many different parts 
17:45 How to get to a place of acceptance through knowledge and awareness
20:31 Why compassion is the ultimate form of acceptance
25:07 Why some practices may not be appropriate for everyday use
27:07 Building a foundation for a deep committed practice
30:39 The difference between restriction and restraint
32:54 Where discernment and judgment comes from
34:04 What it means to do responsible reprogramming
35:53 Why Elizabeth recommitted herself to salsa dancing
40:15 Why a deep committed practice saves you time in the long run
45:21 What the arch of power is 



Click here to watch/listen or scroll upward to listen only:



“As we grow, heal, transform, expand and progress we’re constantly leaving things behind.” 

“Acceptance is a constant invitation.”

“Getting to acceptance can be a hard gateway to come by.”

“Acceptance is a step in the direction of freedom.” 

“We can accept things even while wishing they were different.” 

“Breakthroughs don’t always equal progress.”

“Just trust that whatever resonates for you will jump out at you and you won’t miss it.”

“Discernment happens in the body and judgment happens in the mind. Our mind tells stories and our body gives us information.”

“That’s what deep committed practice does, it gives life. Both to you in general and the things you want to bring more energy to in your life to be fuel and resources for you.” 

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