Does the idea of embodiment seem elusive?

The last two episodes explored the self-liberation and embodied healing frameworks. 

But are you stuck wondering what embodied healing actually looks like?

I’m answering that question in today’s episode.


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This week, I’m sharing the ways I’ve seen embodied healing manifest within the Embodied Living Center community.


Time and again, I’ve seen embodied healing help people to

  • Reconnect to themselves
  • Reconnect to the Divine or their spirituality
  • Heal long-standing interpersonal issues
  • Tap into their confidence, see their strengths, and live without apology

But you don’t have to take my word for it. 

I’m also sharing the words of people like you who’ve experienced healing through the Embodied Living Center.

Everyone’s experience is unique because everyone has their own path.

But what I have seen across the board is people recognizing their multidimensionality – the gifts and talents they have to offer the world – and embracing it to live fuller, happier lives.

Are you searching for a way to live in alignment with who you’re meant to be?

Take a few minutes to listen to what these women have to say, and decide if embodiment is the piece you’ve been missing.

Listen to episode 352 now!

In episode 352 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:


  • [3:32] How embodiment is about living in integrity and what that looks like
  • [5:39] How embodiment helps you to see life’s choices and opens you up to possibilities
  • [9:20] How the Embodied Living Center is designed to be a container for embodied healing
  • [13:34] How others have experienced embodied healing to give you an idea of what’s possible
  • [20:17] How embodied healing helps people to live in alignment with who they’re meant to be

Resources mentioned by Elizabeth in the episode:

Quotes from this Week’s Episode of the Embodied Podcast

  • “Healing, specifically through embodiment work, helps you see and cultivate the courage, the worthiness, and the self-love to go for what’s available. It helps you to recognize your multidimensionality, your unique gifts and talents.”

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About the Embodied Podcast with Elizabeth DiAlto

Since 2013 I’ve been developing a body of work that helps women embody self-love, healing, and wholeness. We do this by focusing on the four levels of consciousness – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

In practical terms, this looks like exploring tools and practices to help you tune into the deep wisdom of the body and the knowing of the heart, which I believe are gateways to our souls. Then we cultivate a new relationship with our minds that allows the mind to serve this wisdom and knowledge and soul connection, rather than override it, which is what many of us were taught.

If you’ve been doing self-help or spiritual development work for a while, these are the types of foundational things that often people overlook in pursuit of fancier concepts that often aren’t practical or sustainable. Here, we will focus on building these strong foundations so you can honestly and thoroughly embody self-love. If you’re feeling it, subscribe to the show, and leave us a review wherever you listen from. You can also keep up with show updates and community discussion on Instagram here.


Transcripts for Episode 352:


Hello everybody, welcome to episode number 352 of the podcast, today we are getting into, what does embodiment actually feel like? I talk about, I mean, I’ve spent the last two weeks specifically, this is episode number 352, so episodes number 350 and 351 were about my embodied healing and self liberation frameworks both separately and how they work together, and we talked a lot about healing and freeing yourself from the things that limit you and hold you back in your life, and those things are kind of conceptual. So today I really want to ground it in and talk about you know, how do you know if you’re embodied? What does it actually feel like? How do you know when you’re embodying your soul, when you’ve actually healed things, or when you’re living in alignment and being who you’re really meant to be?

Those are things that a lot of people say often, I say them a lot, and sometimes people hear it but it’s still big, it’s one and it’s like banging on the drum of like, but what does that actually mean? And those of you who’ve been listening for any amount of time know that I love directness and clarity, so today we are gonna pick apart what all this shit actually means, we’ll talk generally what it looks like in general, but then also what it can look like for you specifically. And to bring us back to one of the four eyes from my embodied healing framework that I got into last week in episode number 351, integrity, integrity is how our words, actions, behaviors, and choices line up, so integrity comes down to who do we say we are, and then how are we actually being in showing up, what do we say is important to us, and how are we actually making, and showing, and demonstrating in our lives that certain things are important to us, because we can say that things are a priority, but with how complicated and demanding life is, we often aren’t actually prioritizing or able to prioritize the things we say we want to, right?

So, you’re not being a liar, you’re not being an asshole, but life is complicated, so you mean to prioritize something but you don’t always get to it, you can’t always do it when you say you want to do it. So, part of this is about helping you to see again like who you’re actually being, how you’re actually showing up, and then how embodiments, and in my context embodied healing and self liberation can help you live more aligned even with the obstacles that you’re facing in your life. So, if you really wanna know what you’re prioritizing, this is a little trick that I’ve used myself and taught people for many years, if you really wanna know what you’re prioritizing, look at your bank statements, your credit card statements, and your calendar, because where you put your time and your money shows you what you’re prioritizing.

And this is not a dig, this is not a criticism, this is not a gotcha, I’m not trying to be out here like, “Ha, ha, ha, you said this but look at this,” what I’m wanting you to see, is that for so many people they are stuck in their life circumstances, sometimes by no fault of their own, sometimes by a combination Of systemic things, life circumstances, and their own choices, but the thing that I always like to bring people’s awareness to, is that most of us have more choices available to us than we think we do, and part of healing is about being able to expand into all that is possible for you, despite any systemic things, or life circumstances, or limiting beliefs, or what’s been possible for other people or other generations of your family, or people like you, I’m putting that in air quotes for anyone who’s listening, because there’s all kinds of narratives we all have around people like me and people like us, and some of those things are like undeniably true, some of them actually are ready to go, and some of them you personally, part of your soul’s purpose is to be a person who breaks that narrative, who lives differently, who has a different experience and changes it for future generations, whether it’s in your own personal family and community, or whether it’s in a more collective sense, again, I’m putting people like you in air quotes because we all hold so many different identities, people like you or people like us that can mean a lot of different things.

So, the other thing is, you know I’m not about spiritual bypass, we talked about that over the last few weeks, but getting access to more choices, is sometimes about really analyzing and assessing what is in your control and what is not, because sometimes we really focus on trying to control all of these things we can’t and totally miss that there’s way more things we can control than we think we can. So healing specifically through embodiment work helps you see and cultivate the courage, the worthiness, and the self-love to go for what’s available, it helps you to recognize your multidimensionality, your unique gifts and talents. So let’s get into this, what does this actually mean, what is healing actually look like? Now, I want to share more about what’s possible specifically with embodiment work, which is the foundation like I said, of all my embodied healing and self liberation work that I do with my students and my clients, and to give you a clear view of what it feels and looks like, like I always talk about physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in your day-to-day life.

Because one of the things I’ve noticed for myself, and many of my clients, and students, is when we can’t like grounded into, well, okay, what does that mean for me, what could that look like, why would we bother doing it? So, I want you to get an idea of the full range of not only what’s possible through embodiment work, but how it works for everybody, for all different types of people. And one of the things that I love about it so much is, it’s like getting maps and frameworks for thriving in your specific life, that’s what embodiment does for us, because you can engage with it on your own terms, in your own way to get the results and make the shifts that you need, not the shifts that somebody else thinks you need, not some gurus, you know, formula for doing things that will only work for certain people, usually the most privileged people, and this is so important, sovereignty and agency are absolutely integral to embodiment work.

So rather than me explaining it to you, I thought a great way to demonstrate this would be to read you some of our most recent feedback from members of the Embodied Living Center, which by the way if you’re listening to this in real time on June 21st in 2021, enrollment for the Embodied Living Center for summer is open for one more day, closes on June 22nd, so, if any of this stuff in this episode sounds like things that you really need or you really could use, join us in the ELC, that is what I created this for, so people can have a container to be on their own individual unique embodied healing and self liberation journey, but without having to do it alone, without having to figure it out all on your own, without having to be alone, because community is a really big part of it, and when I start to read you some of this feedback you’re gonna see how important the community has been to so many people.

So if you’ve been thinking about the ELC, go to\embodied-living-center, you could join us monthly and cancel anytime, you could join us for the year if you’re like, “You know what, I could use some commitment and accountability, let me join this thing for a year,” and it’s super accessible, it’s super affordable. So check that out if you are wanting a place to do some concentrated embodied healing and self liberation work, and if you’d just like to spend some more time in my container and my space beyond the podcast in a much deeper way. So as I read this feedback to you, I want you to listen for things that you can relate to, and when these women speak of their results, allow things to land for you as what’s possible for you in your own life, if it’s something that you know you want, or you need, or perhaps you’ve been craving, but just unsure of how to even get there. And the other thing that I wanna know about our community that I love about us so much in the Embodied Living Center, is, you know, there’s that Gandhi quote that everyone throws around, you know, “Be the change you wanna see in the world,” and our little Embodied Living Center community is actually a little microcosm of what I would love to see so much more of out in the world, it’s a truly diverse space but it’s also inclusive, anything could be diverse that doesn’t mean it’s inclusive, but our women are from all over the world, from all different backgrounds, cultures, socioeconomic statuses, all kinds of different career paths, some people work, some people don’t, some people are parents some people aren’t, some people are in relationships, some people are single, the age ranges from the people in their 20s to people in their 60s, we have a range of races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, like runs the full gamut and the full spectrum.

And the reason why our community is both diverse and inclusive, again, comes back to embodiment, because embodiment practice is effective because you can use it, you can apply it to your own life, whatever the hell is going on for you, whoever the hell you are, where you live, where are you from, what are your wounds, what are your traumas, like all of those things, embodiment is medicine. One of the metaphors I like to use often is, if you have a headache and you take an Advil, somehow the Advil solves the headache, if you have cramps during PMs or during your period if you’re a person who bleeds and you take an Advil, somehow the Advil solves the cramps, if you have a fever and you take a Tylenol, like medicine knows where to go and knows what to do without directions, we don’t have to like write an intention on the Advil before we pop it in our mouth so it knows I have a headache not a stomach ache, it just goes where it needs to go, that’s how embodiment works.

So, last thing here, some of this feedback is about me as a teacher and a guide, and to be honest, I am really good at what I do, but again, embodiment is just so efficient and effective, it probably also sometimes makes me look better than I am, so this is not about me this is about embodiment. All right, so, I’m gonna read for you different member experiences, I don’t know, I probably have like 10 or more of these here, so consider it like stories time, now I’m just reading to you out of the book of Embodied Living Center members talking about how the work has impacted them. “I can’t say all the ways this work has made a difference for me, when I found this, I was stuck in the self development/self-help craze, there’s always something to fix, always something I should do, and you’ve supported me and helped me find home, home in myself, home in my body, and home out in the world, there’s nothing lacking with me, nothing lesser or not enough, and I spend my time doing things that light me up and help me get to the places I want to experience in life, I will be forever grateful.” The next one says, “I feel more connected to my soul, able to step into trust and being guided by support even when life gets messy, and I remember to be gentle with and accept my body as it’s showing up day to day.

I’ve been using Wild Soul Movement and its different iterations for six years now, and honestly believe that Wild Soul Movement and Elizabeth have helped me to mature into a functional adult more than anything else in my life. I have so much more acceptance and peace, love for myself and others, ability to be in but not consumed by my feelings or what’s happening around me. I came for the mantras and movement and I’m still here now for community inspiration, deepening of my love for and connection to myself and others in any situation and so much more. The changes that I’ve seen in myself over the last few months have been brilliance, whether I choose to do something in the Embodied Living Center every day or every week, knowing all these resources are here has been life-changing, I’m finally at a point in my life where self-love is not only openly welcome, but now I see it as being absolutely necessary. I recently joined the Embodied Living Center because of the embodied impact mastermind, and in both spaces Elizabeth has already had such a huge positive impact on my life.

I have an amazing sense of intuition that I’ve spent a lifetime ignoring because of messages from other people that I’m too sensitive or that I’m overreacting, Elizabeth’s work is helping me to tune back in, and cherish something that is actually a huge gift, and I’m so grateful to her for helping me listen to myself again. This work has supported me in ways I’m not even aware of yet, the growing trust in myself and my body’s needs has been so informative in healing. In an industry full of people bringing their visions forward, I’m continually impressed and comforted by how real Elizabeth is, how much she shares about her experience, and how clear she is on boundaries, I’ve learned a lot and look forward to being part of the solutions we seek as individuals and collectively.”

Someone else said, “I’m now able to have conversations that I once felt were uncomfortable, I’m able to establish boundaries in a kind way, and I’ve evolved on my journey to love myself, the Embodied Living Center is such an amazing space with a wealth of resources, and I can’t thank Elizabeth enough for creating this space and Wild Soul Movement. Finding Elizabeth’s work and joining the Embodied Living Center family has been so incredibly life giving for the last year, I had felt stagnant in my spiritual journey and journey towards self-love, needing more inspiration than I could find within myself and community, I happened upon Wild Soul Movement and the podcast at such a pivotal moment, I feel so much braver, so much more seated in my faith, and so much more grounded in my ability to surrender and release, I’m so grateful to be part of a community where I can come to feel and be seen, to have people witness me as I embrace my own unconventional path, thank you Elizabeth for the container you created in the ELC and for all the love and light you bring into this world.

I was so hard on myself for all my life, and this year by way of grace, healing and her teachings over the years, and Elizabeth teachings over the years, I’m now holding compassion, tenderness, and more acceptance for myself than I ever had, and it feels so freeing. To have a mentor that aligns with your values is so integral to this work we’re doing, and made even better with her delicious laugh and kid-like enthusiasm she brings to all she does. I was gifted a membership for the Embodied Living Center this year from the community love pot, and I appreciate that Elizabeth has evaded community pot for those of us unable to access this work due to finances. This community is everything to me right now as it’s holding me through so many transitions, grief, and desires to be my fully expressed self, the ELC is my safe container to do that. Working with Elizabeth for the past nine months has transformed how I view myself, being part of the Embodied Living Center has created a community I never had, it’s like this village of female support that has your back, and is there to guide, cheer on, and offer insight that you may not see.

I’ve been able to nourish my body through any number of the embodiment classes in the Embodied Living Center, I’ve been able to use the healing meditations for more peace and clarity, and I’ve been able to use the container of the Embodied Living Center to finally be my whole self without feeling like I’m too anything. I’ve built a network of like-minded wild souls who cheer me on and hold my grief with me, it’s a world where safety to be who I am, and be loved for all of it is real and not just in my distant dreams. Being in Elizabeth’s community has been nothing short of life-changing, and I don’t mean that as an euphemism, I mean her work has changed my life, I’ve learned to access and listen to the wisdom of my body, I’ve developed a relationship with this gorgeous vessel that bears my soul that is loving and kind, I refuse to do anything that feels dishonoring, it might seem silly, but being with my body in an honest way has had a real impact on me.

I had to take a short break from the ELC and once I came back, my very first day doing Wild Soul Movement again I felt like myself. This work roots and grounds me, it reminds me that I get to embody all of me without apology, this work has absolutely changed my life, it’s helped me shift my relationship with my body and learn how to hear it’s wisdom, it’s been helping me trust my life’s timing and do an incredible amount of healing this year, and most recently, it’s supported my process in reconnecting to spirituality, which I’d walked away from after a strict religious upbringing.” So, there’s more, but I figured that was more than enough, it also gives you like a full range like you can hear, embodiment helps people reconnect to themselves, helps people reconnect to whatever they call or however they wanna relate to God, the divine, and spirituality, it helps people heal long standing issues, interpersonal things in relationships, communication, helps people tap into their intuition to hone in on their sensitivities not as an issue, and not as a weakness but as strengths, it helps people to find confidence, it helps people to find community and deep relationship, and let go of all of these too muchness and not enoughness stories and narratives that they have about themselves, and so, so much more.

Some of the things that I noticed as I was reading through these, is people living without so much apology, without apologizing for existing, people expanding out of and moving beyond and transforming and transmuting big emotions, grief, and anger, and resentment, a lot of family history stuff, and all these other things, and again, all of it comes back through the body, through connecting to themselves, through acknowledging their multidimensionality, through actually being able to experience themselves as so many things, not just one specific role, or not be defined by things that have happened in their past, helps them surrender, release, let go, move forward.

So, embodiment again, if this is medicine, this is in some cases it feels like magic but it’s not, because it’s actually so fricking rooted, and grounded, and practical. So, if you’re someone who has heard embodiment, has wondered what does it actually mean, what can it actually do for me? I hope that’s clear for you now. And again, one last time as we close summer enrollment for the Embodied Living Center tomorrow on June 22nd, if this is something you could use, come and join us in the Embodied Living Center, I would love to have you, our community would love to welcome you with open arms into our sacred space, the link for that is\embodied-living-center.

And we enroll once a season, so once enrollment closes, you won’t be able to join again until September. So again, if you could use this especially after a year and a half in the freaking pandemic, with all these other things going on in the world, if you don’t even know who you are, if you’ve lost yourself, if you’ve been stuck in survival mode, and if you would like to be able to start to transition out of this in a meaningful, and conscious, and conscientious, and loving way, knowing that we all, you know as a collective have quite a way to go to get on the other side of the pandemic, that’s what we do, that’s what we’re doing in there, we got your back, you do not have to do this shit by yourself, okay? Thank you so, so much for listening, thank you for being here, and I will see you next week.