We can feel the divide in the world – on political ideology, public health, and the environment (to name a few!)

Is there a way to learn to live together, to resolve the conflict, and to restore relationships?

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My friend Kerra Bolton is an outstanding journalist & author who has worked as a freelance writer for CNN and is a winner of the NY Times Award for Outstanding Journalism.

This week, I invited Kerra to discuss the impact of building community through restorative practices.

We are diving into her take on how to build restorative communities and her journey to writing her book. She shares some tips on how to work through violations or ruptures within a community, some powerful learning and what the process of a true restorative practice looks like. 

You don’t want to miss her refreshing take on the way politics is evolving and playing a role in our culture, and how we can minimize divides through these restorative practices. 

You know how much we love talking about growth and change on this show – come learn something with me, she has a lot to share!


Listen to episode 404 now!


In episode 404 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

  • (3:00) Kerra’s origin story, and how she identifies with Christianity
  • (13:25) Meeting a crazy man who ended up being a visionary (and what he taught her about societal needs)
  • (23:15) What a true restorative practice can look like (some scripted questions to shape the conversation and why there is a need for a facilitator)
  • (35:20) Untangling vaccines, mask mandates, and the political tug-of-war over public health issues 
  • (45:14) Politics in relationships – values vs. solutions

    Resources mentioned by Elizabeth in episode 404 “Restorative Practices & Politics in Culture with Kerra Bolton”:

    Quotes from this Week’s Episode of the Embodied Podcast:

    • “It’s about how you show up in the world. And how you communicate with others, understanding that they can respond or not respond the way they choose to. And their response has nothing to do with you personally, a lot of times, but it’s how they see the world.” – Kerra
    • It’s not a sports team. This is a relationship. This is a way that we want to live together. And so as long as we continue to treat politics like a sports team, it’s never going to go anywhere.”          -Kerra
    • “It’s interesting how this culture we live in wants to put the burden of systems on individuals to solve, but does it want to factor in how individuals actually feel?” – Elizabeth

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