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Today’s guest was my roommate at an event earlier this year and I instantly fell in love with her. She’s the type of person you feel instantly comfortable and welcomed with. Jill Wesley is a professional speaker coach, an expert on messaging, and truly a brilliant and incredible woman. In this interview we talked about messaging and communication in the context of corporate environments, the TEDx stage, and everyday life, no matter what it is that you do. Jill shares how speaking is a soul bearing exercise, and how to connect big ideas and hone in on your values. We also explored refinement in a few different areas of life from the difference between constructive feedback and personal attacks, how resiliency is not a constant thing, and focusing on essential relationships. We ran the gamut on a ton of interesting topics in this conversation – enjoy and share it up!

About Jill Wesley:

Jill Wesley is the Pro Speaker Coach and she’s taught the Science + Soul of Speaking ™ for 25 years. She works with business leaders, entrepreneurs, experts, authors, speakers and trainers who are the real deal. She helps speakers in the fields of leadership, health and wellness, technology, environmental protection, media, education, relationships, sports, entertainment and social justice.

Jill is the speaker coach for TEDxSanFrancisco and she’s trained speakers for multiple TEDx events. Jill has trained and coached over 80,000 executives and high-performing employees in some of the world’s top companies and institutions (LinkedIn, Twitter, Square, Adobe, NetApp, Cisco, Stanford Law School, NFL Players Association, Johns Hopkins University and Panasonic, to name a few). As a speaker, she’s delivered more than 300 keynotes in all 50 states and in 25 countries. She’s been the “secret weapon” for leaders who give major keynotes on massive stages (TEDx, Wisdom 2.0, Women@Google, NPR, and global corporate and industry conferences). Jill received her M.A. in Speech Communication from the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development at NYU and she taught Communication and Management for California State University, Long Beach. She helps leaders ignite a movement and change the world through TEDx talks and signature keynotes.

In this episode, Jill shares:

1. Identifying the messages you got growing up and checking in on how well you lived them or not
2. If a message is for everyone it’s not for anyone
3. Turning point moments

What You’ll Hear:

7:17 Honing in on people’s values + Jill’s apology tour
17:06 On feedback, shaming, and receptivity of messaging
28:45 How to go deeper into your core values + looking at turning points
34:30 Redefining things as you learn + presidential campaign messaging and having a core message
44:29 Messaging around children + intention vs impact

Gandhi: My Life is My Message

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