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Today’s episode is both exciting and esoteric. Chetan Parkyn is with us. He’s the author of Human Design: Discover The Person You Were Born To Be. Human Design is a system that helps you engage with your life in present tense. It helps you understand how you’re best built to make decisions, how you should use your energy, and ultimately, how to get the most out of life.

Chetan is a world renowned expert on the system. He’s read for thousands of people over the last few decades and published three books about it. He was generous enough to break it all down for us in this episode. I’d love to know what your type, profile and authority are after you listen. Find me on Instagram and let me know!

About Chetan Parkyn:

Chetan Parkyn has been giving Readings to people of all walks of life and all nationalities for over 35 years. He has spent the past 23 years mastering Human Design. He is more than a leading practitioner of the system. As the author of the first major book on the subject, which has been translated into eleven different language versions, he has made it his mission to bring Human Design to the whole world.

An entrepreneur’s son by upbringing and an engineer by training, Chetan has fully explored both the mystical and the technological worlds. He’s been a deep-sea dive engineer and a devoted student of meditation. Travels in India and time spent in the company of the enlightened mystic, Osho, finally opened Chetan to his own purpose — helping people develop self-knowledge.

What You’ll Hear:

6:07 An overview of Human Design and how it’s scientifically proven
13:14 Human Design Authorities and individual decision-making processes
23:20 Human Design Types and how you use your energy
37:10 Human Design Profiles
42:40 How Chetan got into Human Design + opening up to your gifts

Human Design Readings
Jason Silva: Existential Bummer
Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be by Chetan Parkyn
The Book of Destinies: Discover the Life You Were Born to Live by Chetan Parkyn
The Book of Lines by Chetan Parkyn

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