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I love today’s guest, Nada Lena. She’s a powerful and dynamic woman whose experiences brought a ton of value and insights to the conversation.

Her Big Truth was around accepting and embracing all the feelings, positive or negative.

We talked about:
-Victimhood vs victim mindset – something that people get really twisted around in an unhealthy way on their growth journeys.
-How our past always prepares us for our future
-Tony Robbins’ controversial response to a woman asking him about the #metoo movement
-Empowerment, preparation, discernment and values in leadership…and much more.

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About Nada Lena:

Nada Lena is an entrepreneur, confidence coach for women, podcaster, educator, and motivational speaker! She is the Founder and CEO of “Rise Up For You,” a media production and event company dedicated to empowering, connecting, and educating women as well as NLN Productions, a company that prepares singers and performers for the stage.

Nada’s mission is to help others globally maximize their inner strength and self-love so they can live their best life. Through her expertise, Nada helps others unleash their full potential so they can truly embrace and manifest the life they deserve.

Nada is an incredibly accomplished woman — among other things, as a singer, she has toured the world, has a Masters degree in Educational Leadership, had already coached/mentored 50,000 people worldwide on confidence and self-worth through the unique tool of the performing arts! In 2004 she began traveling the world empowering people in countries such as Russia, Japan, Gibraltar, Spain, and more. In 2011 Nada Lena became a top executive for a corporation in Southern California where she mentored and coached men and women professionally in leadership and education.

Nada has been featured on a number of media outlets such as Women Who Reign, the podcast Your Working Life, The Bold Life Movement, The Conscious Hustler, Write Now, OC Talk Radio, and more!

She is currently on the Women’s Impact Council at the Costa Mesa Center Club as well as the Newport Beach Chamber Women’s group “INSPIRE.” In addition, she is a board member for the non-profit organization Hope Seekers and supports the non-profit organizations Girls Inc. of OC as well as Nawaya.

What You’ll Hear:

5:19 Embracing the full range of feelings, victimhood, and being a messenger
18:51 A definition for empowerment + Nada’s experiences traveling the world
31:50 Trained entitlement in education
42:08 How to discern where to spend your time + the ripple effect of getting out of your bubble


Daring Greatly by Brene Brown
Unshakeable by Tony Robbins
The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less, Revised Edition by Barry Schwartz

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