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Today’s interview is a deep and soulful one with Shanda Catrice. Shanda is someone whose writing online is always packed with healing wisdom and her big truth was, “You don’t get to know,” meaning, in life, we don’t get to see around the corner.

From there we spent a lot of time on love and relationships. We got into attachment theory, the idea of “dating sober” and some different dating intentions and archetypes that I’d never considered before.

We also talked about divorcing ourselves from our cultural stories, how empaths are both born and created, and building capacity for all of life’s joys and challenges while honoring the circumstances in the world as well as who we truly are.

I enjoyed this one so much and hope you do too!


About Shanda Catrice:

Shanda Catrice is a fiercely compassionate healer and spiritual mentor who combines practical wisdom with sacred healing arts to guide women through inner transformation. Her work is centered around the integration of the whole self, through radical love and raw authenticity Shanda encourages women to embrace the love and light, as well as the shadowy parts of their soul. She has over 10 years of experience learning from various cultures and spiritual traditions from around the world and has facilitated workshops, healing circles, guided meditations, and sacred ceremonial retreats that help women align with the deepest parts of themselves and liberate the truth of who they really are.

What You’ll Hear:

5:07 On clarity and intention in dating
22:12 How being the breadwinner in a relationship affects the balances within it
32:55 Online dating + different relationship types
46:40 Dating as a cauldron for healing
50:11 Simultaneously navigating relationships along with boundaries and self-care

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