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Today’s episode is number six of seven in a podcast series I’ve been dreaming up for a while called Journey Into The Wild Soul. It’s FILLED with gems to explore your inner world to help you have a better outer world experience. (And that is putting it very, very mildly.)

There’s a free pop-up Facebook group that goes with it, to get some quality time together as a Wild Soul community before 2019 starts and we get all “hyped up” about a new year. I hope you’ll join me and bring your friends!

This week I’m recapping the first five episodes where we covered reflection on the year, having a deep committed practice, embodiment, and The Arc of Power. After that, we walk through how all of these things fit into my entire body of work and how you can apply them in your own life whether you decide to join POWER 2019 or not. Enjoy!


What You’ll Hear:

11:03 A quick recap of Journey Into The Wild Soul
13:12 On being committed to living in a higher truth and power
17:17 How Wild Soul Movement + POWER came to be
21:39 What POWER is and isn’t
24:44 Releasing past experiences and patterns to form new ones

5-Day Embodiment Challenge
POWER 2019

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