Y’all, I’m so excited to introduce one of my new favorite people to you today, Her name is Trudi Lebrón and she’s also half Puerto Rican – which is one of our connection points, though you’ll see throughout the conversation there are many more than that. Listen to Learn more about how that works.


Trudi’s big truth was the idea that everyone has their own path, which sparked a short conversation around all the paths within our paths throughout life and how that works.

From there we got into the difference between things that are culturally insensitive and blatantly harmful and she gave context and examples for a lot of terms we hear – fragility, impact, intent, self centering, woke, microaggressions, ally, and accomplice to name most of them. She gave us some practical applications of equity and what theory looks like vs practice in your life and business.

She also dropped one of my favorite metaphors of all time – you’ll have to listen to get the full thing, but it’s about money mindset and unconscious bias.

This is one of those “listen more than once” type of episodes. Enjoy and share!


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From Trudi Lebrón

I’m a coach, consultant, entrepreneur, speaker, podcast, scholar, mom, and so much more. My coaching practice is designed to help you align the vision you have for your life with the way you live & lead on a daily basis.  I can help you: Start a new business, side-hustle or passion project that is meant to make impact social impact. Lead your current business or organization with more collaboration, community engagement, and with a commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and liberation. Get free from the stories, expectations, and pressure that are holding you back from taking action, so that you can finally liberate your mind and actions. I provide a blend of executive, business, and personal development coaching because I understand that compartmentalizing yourself is damaging and besides…you’ve already tried that.


Connect with Trudi Lebrón

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In this interview with Trudi Lebrón on How That Works

  • [6:20] Trudi’s big truth: Everyone has their own path and that’s ok
  • [7:20] What is hard about staying on one’s own path and not interfering with that of others
  • [7:53] When part of your path is helping others to find theirs
  • [8:27] Parenting through the belief in individual paths
  • [10:34] What other coaches seek help with
  • [11:35] Coaches struggle with diversity and equity in their businesses
  • [13:10]  How work as a diversity and equity educator uniquely positioned Trudi to respond to the need within the coaching industry
  • [14:11] White people want to know how to be less harmful
  • [14:46] Helping people to unpack what it means to be less harmful in their businesses
  • [17:05] The difference between cultural insensitivity and being blatantly harmful
  • [17:45] Impact vs. intention
  • [19:42] How to identify that harm has been done
  • [20:47] Is all harm bad?
  • [22:39] We need to accept a more nuanced view of emotion
  • [23:00] The concept of fragility
  • [32:20] The inclination of people to center themselves in their response to having caused harm
  • [35:15] The misguided nature of the concept of colorblindness
  • [38:35] How money mindset coaching has parallels to other anti-bias work
  • [42:20] How being mixed race can lead to internalized white-washing
  • [47:39] The impact of the question “What are you?”
  • [49:17] The cultural obsession with “Where are you from?”
  • [55:00] Discussion on Trudi’s podcast about diversity and equity, “That’s Not How That Works”
  • [56:20] Working Toward Woke class
  • [56:55] Thoughts on the word “woke”

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Quotes from this Week’s Episode with Trudi Lebrón on How That Works

  • “We really just need to trust the process of life.” -Trudi Lebrón
  • “At the end of the day, each person is the expert in their own life.” -Trudi Lebrón
  • “It’s one thing to kind of understand those things in a theoretical sense and to change your mindset and be less harmful but it’s a different layer to say, ‘Okay, what does this mean in my business?  What are the practical applications of equity in my business so I can serve more people?’” -Trudi Lebrón
  • “I love the science behind coaching.  I love the transformation that coaching brings people.” -Trudi Lebrón
  • “If you want to change the world you have to serve a population of people that looks a little bit more diverse because the world is more diverse.” -Trudi Lebrón
  • “Let’s not pretend that we’re doing anything on a global level if we’re not taking the time to look at what’s happening to all the people on the globe.” -Elizabeth DiAlto
  • “We both have to be responsible for our intentions and the impact that we have.” -Trudi Lebrón
  • “I know I certainly want to be the kind of person that is mindful of both how I behave in the world and how that behavior impacts other people.” -Trudi Lebrón
  • “Just because someone has an intention doesn’t excuse them from the impact.” -Elizabeth DiAlto
  • “No one is above causing harm.” -Elizabeth DiAlto
  • “Sometimes you haven’t done something that elicits a gentle response.” -Trudi Lebrón
  • “Crying is an issue in particular because once you’ve elevated emotionally and psychologically to that place now people are so tuned into you and your crisis, like your emotional crisis, that you’re centered.  It’s no longer about the issue.” -Trudi Lebrón
  • “I have a lot of feelings but I know better than to make it other people’s responsibility to be with my feelings when I’m not the center.” -Elizabeth DiAlto
  • “Just because you’ve changed some laws doesn’t mean people’s hearts and minds have changed.” -Trudi Lebrón
  • “It’s the really heartbreaking and humbling part of doing this work to go, ‘I’m not nearly as good as I thought I was and I also didn’t know what I didn’t know.’” -Elizabeth DiAlto
  • “You can’t believe in money mindset without believing in anti-bias work.” -Trudi Lebrón
  • “Because you have those subconscious thoughts and patterns you’re attracting… the same way it works for money mindset…you’re attracting a homogenous audience.” -Trudi Lebrón
  • “You might be open to everyone but not everyone is open to you.” -Elizabeth DiAlto
  • “White people just get to be white and that is something that I don’t relate to.  They don’t have to defend their identity.” -Trudi Lebrón
  • “We don’t think that ‘woke’ is a fixed place.” -Trudi Lebrón
  • “We don’t live in a world where we have an expert on equity because we don’t have a model for it.” -Trudi Lebrón
  • “As the culture changes and evolves the impact does as well and we need to speak about it differently.” -Trudi Lebrón
  • “If you think that this doesn’t apply to you, you’re wrong.” -Trudi Lebrón

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