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This week’s question is something I’ve explored intensely myself since the summer of 2012 when I first started noticing how sensitive I was to other people’s feelings and emotions. I love the way the question was asked too, because none of us want to feel super guarded all the time, but we also don’t want to feel drained or depleted. In this episode I’m sharing my best tools and practices for you along with some extra resources in the show notes below. If you have any of your own practices you’d like to share, please let us know in the comments!

In this episode, I answer the following question:

As I’ve gone deeper into developing my spirituality and understanding the wisdom my body has I’ve begun developing (or perhaps awakening) more of the traits that are often labelled as empathic or Highly Sensitive. This has led me to wonder if these are traits I inherently have, or perhaps a byproduct of the work I am doing. So: Is there a difference between being a HSP/empath and just being in touch with yourself and others? Either way, how do you recommend preventing drain and fatigue from feeling your own emotions and the emotions of other? Is the only answer creating shields or putting up walls (like many recommendations I’ve found have suggested)?

What You’ll Hear:

5:18 Self-protection before you start your day
9:10 How to handle finding yourself feeling other people’s emotions

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Am I An Empath?
How to Deal with Being a Physical Empath
Chakra Basics for Empaths
Be A Loving Master Of Your Energy With Dr. Deb Kern
Elizabeth’s Shake It Off Video

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