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In this Wild Soul Story I talk with Makenna Johnston, visionary coach and entrepreneur. I invited her to chat after a beautiful thank you message she sent me a few months back about all the changes she made after attending her Untame Yourself weekend back in August 2015. Some of those changes included shifting her relationship with herself, her wife and her mother, purchasing Julia Childs’ home in France to turn it into a culinary retreat center AND deciding to write her first book.

Enjoy listening to her wild and inspiring journey!

About Makenna Johnston:

If Tibetan philosophies of non-attachment made passionate love to high-level business acumen with a hefty dash of bodymind connection, and raised their resultant love child on a steady diet of craft beer, traditional foods, mountain living, yoga, and snow skiing you’d have, Makenna Johnston. Fondly known as MakJo.

MakJo is a passionate coach & thought leader for visionary leaders–entrepreneurs, creatives, and corporate rabblerousers. She has over a decade of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, coaches, organizations, artists, and writers to create strategic visions and missions that kick ass and take names.

She comes from a background of academia both as a professor and as a PhD Candidate at the European Graduate School.

In 2015, she followed a lark/hunch/intuitive pull and found a team to purchase Julia Child’s summer home in Provence which is now being run as a retreat center and home for the Courageous Cooking School.

A big picture see-er, and MakJo can whip nearly any vision into actionable shape.She’s mighty tall. Mighty fun. And mighty into kimonos (and manatees). She probably likes you a lot, and don’t be surprised if she asks you to be her best friend.

In this episode, Makenna shares:

1. How her life has shifted once she let go
2. The experience of writing a book on intention
3. The amazing shifts in her relationship with her wife, her mom, and herself

What You’ll Hear:

5:40 How to let go + changing your response to things
13:30 The experience of writing a book
15:43 What it was like to attend an Untame Yourself weekend after having already done a lot of personal development work
21:45 Practicing implementation, integration, and avoiding overwhelm
27:03 The Intention Generation +shifting from expectation to intention
30:15 How feeling good in your body now is a nourishment to yourself

Click here to watch/listen or scroll upward to listen only:

The Intention Generation by Makenna Johnston

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