Prayer Books + Workbooks

by Elizabeth DiAlto

Enjoy our books as companions to your School of Sacred Embodiment courses, programs, trainings, and memberships OR for your own self-guided journey

Prayers For Wild Souls: Volume 1

55 prayers for mystics and spiritual seekers wanting to connect more personally, passionately, and consistently with the Divine.

In her signature nuanced, inclusive, and humor-infused approach to spirituality and the healing arts, Elizabeth DiAlto guides you to create a potent and meaningful prayer practice to free your Wild Soul and live with TRUE purpose and power.

Integrate the prayers within this book into any spiritual belief system, use it as an oracle for daily guidance, or go deep into the various topics it covers from self-love and liberation to alchemizing anger, facing your fears, and and processing grief.

“So many grow up with a dogmatic, rigid idea of prayer. Others grow up with no relationship to it and find themselves in adulthood wanting to pray but not knowing how,” DiAlto writes, “Prayer is fluid and beautifully unique to every person who practices it. May this book be a resource to spark your wildest, most soulful, and satisfying conversations with God.”

Wild Soul Liberation Workbook

Wisdom, Prayers, and Practices To Embody and Express Your TRUE Purpose and Power, this workbook guides you through the Wild Soul Liberation framework. Since 2013, thousands of women worldwide have journeyed through this alchemical framework.

A living, breathing thing that teaches you how to allow life to unfold in a divine and purposeful way as you evolve.

No matter what’s going on in your life or how many times you’ve engaged with it already, you can return to the Wild Soul Liberation framework whenever you need the medicine of its pillars: Surrender, Release, Trust, Receptivity, Wild Dreaming, Desire, Love, and Truth.