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Make Your Own Quick & Healthy Cereal

A great balanced breakfast should include some protein, healthy fat and complex carbs.  I stumbled upon this idea by accident two weeks ago while messing around in the kitchen in an attempt to create my own protein bites.  Below I’ve listed the ingredients I use, followed by a list of other ideas.


1/2 cup oats

handful of almonds

handful of cashews

handful of coconut flakes (the healthy dry kind, non sulfated, no added sugars, organic)

Milk of your choice, skim milk, almond milk, soy milk…etc.

Here’s what you do:

Using a food processor or something like a “Slap Chop” (bonus-watch the video demonstration on this page-very entertaining).  Grind up all of the ingredients, combine, add your milk, enjoy!

Other ingredient ideas:

Substitute plain almonds with dark chocolate covered almonds (75% cacao from Trader Joes)

Add dried berries, or 1/2 sliced banana

Sub walnuts if you like those better


Combine with soy or low fat greek yogurt instead of milk

Have more healthy and delicious suggestions? Please comment below!

Make Your Own Quick & Healthy Cereal