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Quit Being Such a HUGE B*tch!

Don’t judge this week’s video by the title.  I’ll be honest, I’m going to give you the business…but as always, it’s wrapped in love and it’s a message you probably need to hear.

How do I know you need to hear it?  Because if you’re visiting my site, you’re a living, breathing human, probably a woman, and we all get a little too b*tchy for our own good now and then.

I’ll also give you a hint, I’m not talking about being the fire-breathing, PMS-ing, excusable kind of b*tch (is that really excusable?)…I’m talking about a different kind of b*tch, so go ahead and watch the video…

Your feedback on this one is important to me and to everyone in this community so go ahead and leave a comment with your thoughts!

Quit Being Such a HUGE B*tch!