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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Without Sabotaging Your Waist Line







I talk nutrition with tons of people on a weekly basis.  While some crave salty foods, the overwhelming majority of people have serious sugar cravings.  This week I tracked down a sugar craving expert, Angela Minelli and we dive into

  • why willpower has nothing to do with it (and how companies like Weight Watchers cash in on this fact)
  • which sweeteners are ok and which aren’t
  • what kind of chocolate is best for your bod
  • 3 techniques to kick the cravings now
If you have a serious sweet tooth and aren’t interested in giving up sweets, but would like to get a handle on it WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW.

*NOTE ON PROTEIN: During the interview Angela talks about protein and mentions dividing your body weight by 3 to get the amount of protein you should be consuming per day.  If you are an avid exerciser and like to maintain lean muscle-this is probably not sufficient for you.  Feel free to leave a comment if you have a specific question about this and I’ll answer it.

*For more on sugar cravings email Angela at

It’s comment time, do you deal with sugar cravings? Share your thoughts below, failures? success stories? ideas? This is a big conversation for a lot of people.  Can’t wait to see what you have to say!

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Without Sabotaging Your Waist Line