Wild Soul



Book a 60 minute call with me for any of the things I explore with my 1:1 clients:

Body and soul work. Releasing limiting beliefs, energy blocks and negative thought patterns. Spiritual mentorship. Lifestyle design – this could include assessing your current lifestyle and prescribing daily, weekly or monthly practices, rituals, movement or meditation to align you with your goals or dreams. Distance Reiki Healing. Relationships and intimacy. The sensual vs the sexual self. Or maybe you just like me and think it would be fun to chat like girlfriends for an hour. (I’m serious!)

Why Pay-What-You-Want?

Generous is one of my Core Desired Feelings and my regular 1:1 coaching package isn’t cheap. It feels good to me to extend this special invitation to access the services I create to everyone, not just those who can afford it. PLUS I love getting to connect with women in my community more personally, so I know it’s going to be really fun for both of us.

To book your session, click “Pay Now” and enter your amount. You’ll get an email from me within 24 hours with the link to schedule. Please note these sessions are not refundable and there will not be an opportunity to reschedule, so be sure to pick a time you are positive you can make.

And please leave any shame or embarrassment about what you can afford out of it. Money is just energy. It’s not a reflection of self-worth, so know that no matter what you pay, I will show up fully for your session and it’s all good.


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