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Shining, Seizures, and Layers

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Note to reader: I’m really fired up to write this – so don’t misconstrue my passion for preachiness today.

Layer (noun): a sheet, quantity, or thickness of material, typically one of several, covering a surface or body.

I’ll add “heart, soul, purpose or mind” to the end of this definition.

Healing, growth, expansion, love – it’s all made up of layers. We peel away the layers that don’t serve and we lay down new foundational layers for who we are becoming.

Self-care practices.

We shift in and out of life phases with layers.

In LA the weather in general is beautiful, but it’s always wise to have layers because the temperature can fluctuate up to 10-15 degrees throughout the day inland or near the beach.

Last year I went through a break up, my heart healed in layers. First, getting over losing my best friend. Next getting over losing the life I thought we were building together. Next, getting over the loss of friendships and his family who I really loved. So many layers.

So much of life is made up of layers.

We must be willing to shed or adorn an old or new layer as the situation calls for it.

Constant peeling and shedding, building and expanding.

This is contrast and we all need it.

Our capacity for joy, love and fulfillment is directly proportionate to the depth of our suffering – Click To Tweet

I don’t say that so you’ll go out and seek terrible experiences to increase your capacity for joy. I say it so when you find yourself in a mess or in pain, you can appreciate it for what it’s opening you up for in the future and allow yourself to fully experience it. Instead of stuffing the pain or avoiding it, you feel all of it.

The other day I had a meet up in Union Square, NYC to celebrate the end of #ishineyoushine.

It started out really fun, chatting and taking pictures and videos with new and old friends.

About an hour in, I approached a girl to join us, she was really frazzled and said no. I thanked her and went back to the group. About 10 minutes later she had a seizure, fell to the ground, hit her head and she laid there bleeding and spitting up. My friend Leanne held her head and rubbed her back while I called 911.

It was crazy and intense. We’d never experienced anything like that before.


There we were celebrating a movement called #ishineyoushine, where women all over the world had just spent seven days opening their hearts, sharing their truths, owning the fullness of their power and soaking up the love of a community, and in an instant, our joy bubble was popped watching this woman seize and fall.

Nothing shiny about that.

Whenever something like that happens, I always ask “Why did that happen to me?”

Not from a victim place, but from a place of curiosity. I don’t believe in accidents or mistakes. I knew there was a message baked into this experience, probably several. And they will probably reveal themselves over the next few weeks and months in layers.

For now, this is the most clear:

I have been working for the last 8 months on creating Wild Soul Movement. That and #ishineyoushine are all about getting women out of their heads and into their bodies. Working in versus working out and building deep trust in our soul’s wisdom, which happens to live in our bodies.

What I realized after being with that woman in Union Square was that we can’t shine when our basic needs aren’t taken care of and this is the case for SO MANY WOMEN!

I immediately thought of three clients and two friends who’ve had adrenal fatigue in the last year and another client/friend who went into a diabetic coma recently.

When we spend most of our time in our heads and don’t prioritize self-care we end up overriding our body’s signals that we need rest, love and nourishment. When we ignore our bodies for long enough, Life goes, “Ok, if you won’t pay attention, I’m gonna make you.”

Part of WHY this happens so often is that people say, “Listen to your body”, but no one really teaches us HOW to do it. We are however, programmed our whole lives to glorify logic, critical thinking, perseverance, and the ability to multi-task, so we’ve got those down.

My major lesson from that day isn’t just that I’m here on this planet to help women shine, but that I’m here on this planet to teach the very valuable lesson/skill/habit of HOW TO connect to your body and listen to her. And this isn’t a “nice to have” it could actually save your life.

It’s time to strip away the things that prevent us from taking care of ourselves and dissolve everything that’s ever made us feel ashamed, unworthy, unsafe or uncomfortable in our bodies.

Wild Soul Movement does that. We’ll get rid of the layers that no longer serve you and construct the ones that will…and you’ll be equipped to repeat this cycle for the rest of your life with grace, with ease, and with love.

It’s time to take better care of ourselves. It’s time to listen to and love our bodies as a primary practice, not just when Life knocks us on our asses and leaves us with no other choice.


Love you.

Let’s chat. I’d love your reaction to this post. Did you hate it? Can you relate? Have you shed or built up any layers recently? Tell us everything…

Shining, Seizures, and Layers