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Get Toned – Slammin’ Hot in 2012 Goal Setting Guide


Before I get into goal setting, I need to chat accountability for a second.

If you’ve been following the blog for any period of time, you know I’m big on accountability and love dishing it out.  Well I also need a good dose of it myself sometimes and today is one of those times as I just started 30 Days without gluten, dairy, or sugar.

Inspired by my colleague and friend Jill Coleman of Jillfit Physiques, who posted hers first thing this morning, here’s my before picture (note: always take a before picture, even if you dread seeing it on Day 1…you will be SO FREAKING PROUD when you complete whatever it is you’re starting)

id=”attachment_3806″ align=”aligncenter” width=”225″ caption=”Day 1 of 30 Days minus gluten, dairy, and sugar!”

Second, I want you to know my intention for the blog in 2012 is to keep these posts packed with actionable  information that delivers a ton of value for you.  In 2011 I figured out how to get and stay in the best shape of my life.  In 2012, I’m teaching you how to do it, too.

Just as I’m going to ask you to work hard to see results this year, I will continue to work hard, conduct self-experiments and push the boundaries of my own comfort zone and results as well.

I will also be partnering with other fitness experts and bringing you the best interviews and programs I can find, but only if I believe 100% that they suit your desires and needs.

Third, I have a New Years prezzie for you today…

Thanks to social media it’s easy to spot a trend within 30 seconds of logging onto Facebook or Twitter.  Not surprisingly this is a big week for setting goals.Whether you had an amazing year in 2011, a terrible one, or it was just so-so, that baby is kicked-and while 2012 is still fresh, I want you to set some goals for the entire year with me today.

Everybody’s goal setting style is different.  

Some people bust out a journal and spend hours dreaming and creating vision boards about their goals for the new year and what they want to create.  Others might keep it to themselves or only confide in a few people.  And some don’t even bother because they’ve been burned by their goals in the past.

Instead of giving you pointers in this post that you may or may not follow, I put together a quick little worksheet that you can use to lay out your health and fitness goals for 2012.  

Back in my Cutco knife selling days I was a goal setting and crushing sales machine. I learned some killer tactics for setting goals in a way that’s manageable, fun, and will keep you focused all year long.

To get your hands on the worksheet, leave a comment below telling me what you believe is the #1 thing that’s held you back up to this point from getting in the best shape of your life OR a goal you’ve already been thinking about for 2012.  Once you leave your comment, I’ll personally email you the worksheet and we can start crushing some 2012 goals together.

PS: Want to kick your year off with some near-instant results? Check out Tighter in 10 Days!

Get Toned – Slammin’ Hot in 2012 Goal Setting Guide