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Wild Soul Woman Success Stories + Results

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One of the major differences between Wild Soul Movement and everything else I’ve created over the last three years is that I tested out this program for six months.

Not just on myself, but on 60 women who were brave enough to follow me into unchartered territory.

Since I opened registration for Wild Soul Movement I’ve received a lot of questions about it, trying to connect it to something else. Things like, “ I am a huge Sheila Kelly S Factor fan and I just want to make sure that I am not buying something that is similar to workouts that I already have.” “I do all kinds of dance classes and yoga, is this going to be redundant?”

This is a natural human thing. Our brains like relativity. Often we understand things BECAUSE of how they relate to other things.

The answer is, NO, it’s not like anything else you’ve ever done. This I why I made a free video to try it out. There may be similar elements but the overall EXPERIENCE and the way you will feel after – there’s nothing to compare it to.

Well, maybe not nothing. I did receive this message from a friend on Facebook yesterday:

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So if you’re thinking about joining, the success stories below give you a glimpse into the power of Wild Soul Movement and results that are possible.

Wild Soul Woman Success…

Wild Soul Movement is so much more than an “exercise” program. I experienced self love, letting go of control, breaking patterns, and feeling more trusting and connected to my body.In the Wild Soul Movement you are free to be you, no judgement, no questions! I’ve grown to appreciate myself and embrace my imperfections. It’s about experimenting with new things…things you may not have thought you would be interested in until you let go and gave it a try. It’s about understanding you are not perfect and that’s okay, it’s about not trying to pretend you are something you are not. There is no mold or image you have to fit in to. Wildsoul is REAL LIFE and I love that! -Dina Hamilton






There is something about affirming beliefs while moving your body that is special and incredibly effective. The Wild Soul Movement videos are real as opposed to the typical workout videos that always make me feel like I have to fix something. It was like every week the mantra was exactly what I needed to hear. I felt like every video led to some incredible epiphany, as cheesy as that sounds. I definitely experienced self-love especially in regard to my body, as well as letting go and trusting my body/self. – Angelina Sabatino

I love that my body and soul get exactly what they need each time I do the practice. And I love feeling my long-dormant muscles reawakening in such a nurturing space. Finding time is always very tough for me, but I found myself finding/making the time more with this than with other things I sometimes do. I really craved the videos and I believe this helped me transfer a more healthful and soulful mindset to the rest of my day. The fusion of movement and meditation is so fulfilling and empowering and has really complemented the meditation practice I have been working on for the past few months. And the online community is such a great resource to bounce ideas around and to get support, from Liz as well as from the other members. -Crecia Cipriano


In the first week of Wild Soul Movement I already felt an increase in my confidence and in my body. My clothes fit differently and I felt much stronger. I was able to trust my body and let it guide me. For the first time in a long time I stopped and listened to my body & to my soul. This listening allowed me to stop doing things that I didn’t really like to do and entrust others to do them for me or cut them out altogether. Wild Soul Movement was the best catalyst for me on my journey of self discovery. This practice that combined meditation, mantras, physical movement and reflection really resonated with me and stayed with me even after leaving the mat. I am in love with this practice! -Christine Juckett







Elizabeth thank you for leading the charge! Being part of your Wild Soul Movement has been nourishing for me on so many levels. You’ve brought the spiritual down to earth in such a body lovin’, soul soothing sensual way. It’s been incredibly empowering for me to love who I am not just on the inside, but learn to celebrate the beauty of my physical being as well. There aren’t enough resources for women to bond and support each other this way, so I am SO GRATEFUL I found you and this amazing tribe of women. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! – Kari Samuels







The intangible results I experienced in Wild Soul Movement were improved body connection, increased “mind over matter” ability, a more positive outlook, more smiles, a sense of feeling more free with a happier heart, increased use of mantras in other areas of life, awareness of lack of self love, as well as opening myself up to loving who I am as I am. I think it fills a hole we have in our mind/heart/body when it comes to fitness, exercise and straight up self love. I like some accountability with my fitness routines, and this was all on me since I was doing the classes alone vs as a group meet-up. But I love these routines and will still choose to do them, even on my own because I liked the alone time/inward focus it allowed me as well. -Shawna Caves Dye

“The constant reminders to come back to me. The Wild Soul Movement. Reconnecting and loving my body. It’s so perfect, Elizabeth. You’re on to something amazing.” – Elizabeth McKenzie







I feel much more connected to my body and open to exercising. I am learning to become friends with my body again and slowly comfortable in my own skin. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the mantras. Wild Soul Movement is a place to reconnect body and soul. – Tanya Levy







After Wild Soul Movement I found that I was much more tuned into my body when working out – whether it be doing the WSM videos or some other type of exercise. I felt much more connected with my body and listened to it more. – Katie D.

Wild Soul Women love their bodies and treat themselves with the same respect they would a daughter, sister, friend or loved one. Movement is for joy, not punishment. Food is a source of nourishment, not guilt, shame or numbing.

Wild Soul Movement is a safe, loving and enjoyable way to discover who you really are and allow yourself to be that woman. Just this once, put yourself first.

Wild Soul Woman Success Stories + Results