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Top 3 Tips for Health and Fitness

In the name of KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) this post is short and sweet.  If you have questions or would like more information on any of the tips, leave a comment or contact me!

My mom asked me an interesting question the other day, “If you were to give someone advice about getting healthy, what are three things you’d tell them to change?”

Something I run into fairly often on Strategy Calls with new clients or Intro Sessions with personal training clients is that there are a lot of people out there with a desire to be healthy, who exercise and make efforts to eat pretty well-but not really knowing what that truly means gets in their way.  Bottom line: people think a lot of sh*t is healthy that really isn’t!

So here are my Top 3 Tips:

1. To the best of your ability, cut back on dairy, processed carbs and alcohol.  A great place to start is don’t eat any of these things every single day.  Try to cut it back to a few times a week, and once you get used to that, even less from there.

2. Eat more things that are green and try to eat them raw or lightly steamed to get the most out of them.  A great target is that half of your plate at every meal should be green.  This is a huge challenge for some people, so shoot for two meals a day or even one…more green is better than not even trying!  If you want to be a superstar, ask me about my new favorite method of getting green in my diet…juicing!

3. Move more or move differently.  For some, the issue is they don’t exercise enough, for others, the issue is they do they same things every single time.  So get your booty moving, or switch up the routine. (look to the right under categories and click on Exercise, The Beauty Bean or Health and Fitness for Busy People to get some ideas.  You can also sign up for the newsletter 🙂 ).

That’s it for now, simple, easy, a great place to start your 2011 health and fitness missions!  Want to hit those resolutions FOR REAL?  Sign up for my free teleclass Tues 12/28 (free recording included with registration if 730pm EST doesnt work for you!)

Top 3 Tips for Health and Fitness