What is Wild Soul Movement ™?

by Elizabeth DiAlto

Wild Soul Movement™ is a suite of healing movement classes.

Wisdom class

These alchemical sessions use gentle movement and breath to learn to connect with and listen to your body, mantras to reprogram the mind, and meditation to cultivate inner peace. Think of these sessions like work-ins rather than workouts, where the mantra is both an invitation to embodiment and something to express and help you transform as you move with it.

Flow class

Is a place to reclaim and redefine your connection and relationship to your body, your sensuality, and how you move, express, love, and respect yourself. Music is s our guide during flow sessions. Each playlist is carefully curated to a theme that will have you experiencing your body in loving and liberating ways. Part guided sensual movement, part intuitive free movement. Flow class is kind of like if yoga and pole dancing had a delicious but laidback lovechild.


Beautifully combines Wisdom and Flow to take you on an embodied journey of a particular theme and help you develop a kind, loving, and reverent relationship with your body.

**All fitness levels, body shapes, sizes, and abilities are welcome in all Wild Soul Movement™ classes. No dance experience is necessary, and plenty of modifications are provided for all who need them.


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Known for her nuanced, inclusive, and humor-infused approach to spirituality and the healing arts, Elizabeth DiAlto is an Embodiment Specialist and a Spiritual Futurist.

In 2013 she founded the School of Sacred Embodiment, where she’s developed a range of healing and liberatory frameworks and modalities that blend together movement, energy work, and mystical wisdom. Her specialty is helping people live through what she calls the highest part of all of us – our Wild Soul.

A native New Yorker with Boricua and mixed-European roots, Elizabeth now calls Miami home, is an avid salsa dancer, and has a laugh that has been described as “a sound bath of sunshine and joy.”