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EP58: 4 Of The Worst Excuses For Not Doing Your Work


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Last week I wrote a blog answering this question, this week I’m going a bit deeper on the points in this episode:

I lost so much, but I am the happiest I have ever been. So the reason I am filling you in a bit with all my drama is to suggest some topics for your work. You may be into it, you may not. My friends ask me, “can you teach me to be strong like you?” Isn’t that sweet? The thing is, no one wants to do the work!! They think I just cried a lot, read some books, and ta da! I try to explain all of the things that I personally had to do, but these beautiful friends don’t want to make difficult decisions or face their fears. What is it that makes it seem so impossible and take so long for us to make changes and nurture ourselves?

What You’ll Hear:

5:30 What I mean by “your work”
7:21 Excuse #1: “I don’t have the resources.”
13:24 Excuse #2: “I don’t know what I want.”
15:40 Excuse #3: “I’ll figure it out on my own.”
23:04 Excuse #4: “I’m not ready.”

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The 4 Worst Excuses For Not Doing Your Work


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EP58: 4 Of The Worst Excuses For Not Doing Your Work