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EP92: How To Know If You Should Stay or Leave A Relationship


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This is probably one of the most consistent questions I get – “How do I know when it’s time to go?” In this episode I walk through some resources, questions to ask yourself and distinctions. Things like the difference between staying and settling, and whether or not the tough times are really “growth” or just a lot of smashing into the same problems over and over again. Hope it’s useful for you if this is something you’re in right now, or know somebody who is.

In this episode, I jam on the following topic:

Should I stay, or should I go?

What You’ll Hear:

4:40 How to tell if your relationship is experiencing growth or repeated cycles
7:43 The difference between settling and staying
11:29 The nuances of being in a tough space in your relationship

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Attached by Amir Levine
The Truth by Neil Strauss
Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay by Mira Kirshenbaum
My Rude (Royal) Awakening
Navigate Your Personal Evolution With Love With Chela Davison
Turning The Tables – Liz Gets Interviewed By Chela Davison
The Queen’s Code by Alison Armstrong

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EP92: How To Know If You Should Stay or Leave A Relationship