We will all discover pain in our lives. We must learn how we heal in order to heal.

I love today’s guest so much. Her name is Ahlea Khadro and she’s someone I consider a “pocket person” – meaning, we talk so often I feel almost as if she is in my pocket constantly and I adore her.

Her big truth was that rupture and repair are more important than being perfect.

From there we got into the undulations of life, the cycles of creation, the great dance of back and forth that we do constantly as we evolve and heal. We talked about resiliency and intention, especially as it relates to parenting.

Ahlea generously shared a lot about her experience as a single mother, of stewarding a being, from childbirth on, and how throughout these stages women are called upon to use skills they don’t always get to use, but absolutely have.

She talked about savoring the moments of peak intensity, some of the issues light polarization creates in New Agism and how we engage with ourselves during challenges.

This conversation was so juicy and we touched on so many healing topics, I can’t wait to hear what you take away from it.

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From Ahlea Khadro

I discovered at a young age that I could “see into” other people’s bodies. I was able to connect with the stories that lie beneath the surface of a person. And with the innocence of a child, I often blurted out what I saw…it was a profound lesson for me that many people don’t want to hear what their bodies are trying to tell them (especially from a child).

As a young gymnast diagnosed with MD at the age of 12 I was cornered into translating my own story into a healing opportunity. My diagnosis and gift has taken me on a dynamic and rather unconventional adventure. From mainstream hospitals to the feet of yogic masters I have carved a far-reaching path that has allowed me to see new ways to heal the body and soul… and pepper the lives I touch with new perspectives.

My most recent journey as an author was inspired by my relationship with the amazing Louise Hay. As Louise’s health advisor and friend for over 15 years, we have had so much fun blending affirmations with practical and profound tips and exercises that create/support optimal health and happiness. Our work together inspired us to collaborate on my latest book “Loving Yourself to Great Health” with our co-author Heather Dane.

I live a vibrant and blessed life in San Diego where I run Soulstice, an Integral Wellness Center. I also love to play and garden with my human and furry family.

In this interview with Ahlea Khadro on How We Heal

  • [6:21] The idea that rupture and repair is more important than being perfect
  • [11:13] Ahlea’s experience with single motherhood
  • [13:36] Her skillset & how she welcomes experiences where she can access skills she doesn’t regularly use
  • [16:28] The issues light polarization creates in New Agism
  • [21:10] Ahlea’s background & story
  • [26:02] The problems with spiritual elitism
  • [29:13] Why unsolicited feedback is not welcome
  • [32:16] The people that come to Ahlea and want her to tell them everything that she sees in them
  • [35:57] The ability to process without fully having to wrap your mind around the details
  • [37:30] What Ahlea’s moves people towards when they aren’t willing to do the work at the outset
  • [42:05] Not holding people to their past selves but instead meeting them fresh each encounter
  • [47:38] The relationships between the bodies
  • [56:02] How technology is harming our connection to our physical bodies


Resources for how we heal


Quotes from this Week’s Episode of the Embodied Podcast

  • “Rupture and repair is more important than being perfect.” – Ahlea Khadro

  • “The dance of life is disconnect and connect.” – Ahlea Khadro

  • “If there’s a lesson, if there’s an experience, if there’s something coming for you in this life that you need, you’re gonna have it.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

  • “Every time they show up, I meet them fresh.” – Ahlea Khadro

  • “A lot of the issues that people are having now or come to me for are digestive issues and 90% of the time it’s something that’s being digested that’s not physical food.” – Ahlea Khadro

  • “We’re this super expansive magnificent spirit and we packed ourselves into this funky little body.” – Ahlea Khadro

  • “We wouldn’t be able to experience ourself without a limitation. We experience being human through the limitation of this human body.” – Ahlea Khadro

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