EP304: Creative Expression and Connection with Omrah Menkes

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Our first comedian is on the show today. Living in LA, one of the things I’ve been aspiring to do with the show for a while is get a greater variety of creative folks on as guests, so I’m so happy Omrah Menkes said yes when I invited her!

Omrah is a multi-skilled artist, with passions including stand up comedy and animation. Her big truth was around being true to herself.

We talked about searching, freedom, and fulfillment in this episode and got into the various parts of these journeys. From grief, comparison, love, generosity, and making friends as an adult, to caring for people, pets and self – connection and creativity were two big themes we explored.

She also shared a bit about being raised in Israel, coming to the US to pursue her artistic career endeavors, some cultural differences, and how all of the different experiences have served her, even in difficult times.

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What You’ll Hear:

5:20 The importance of being true to yourself in order to live in happiness
6:52 Omrah’s experience in L.A.
7:58 Her background in animation and how she incorporates it into her stand up
9:58 The messages Omrah has said no to
13:03 How Omrah got into comedy & how her mother’s death impacted her
17:12 Taking the indirect path to find your passions
20:17 Valuing your freedom while still caring and loving others
22:23 Finding a community that will accept you without judgment
25:26 The blessings she has experienced on the other side of grief
29:47 The companionship & pure love found in relationships with your pets
32:07 Accepting life on life’s terms
32:28 Making friends as an adult in a new city
36:33 The human desire for instant gratification
43:22 Omrah’s experiences with stand-up comedy & bouncing back with her first bomb
49:08 The benefits of required military service in Israel
51:00 The creative process behind a comedy show


Dr. Pat Allen

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“I think everybody is creative.” – Omrah Menkes

“I choose to be happy.” – Omrah Menkes

“When you understand that life is not forever you start searching.” – Omrah Menkes

“The difficult moments in our lives are sometimes where the blessings come from.” – Omrah Menkes

“We just want to be accepted and want to be loved.” – Omrah Menkes

“We actually appreciate things we work hard for. Everything that comes easy, goes easy. Easy come, easy go — it’s not just a saying, it’s true.” – Omrah Menkes

“Our thinking creates our reality.” – Omrah Menkes

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